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TBC Crafters 68 : Paper Roll Graduation Scroll

Kids should be all out for Summer Vacation now. My kids have been off from school and have attended Summer camp for almost 3 weeks already. Miss Porky really likes the summer camp as there are plenty of activities other than academics. She can spend a lot of time on arts and crafts, cooking and making fun stuff. At home, she continues to craft or draw almost every night.

This week, she made a graduation scroll with a kitchen towel paper roll. It was 100% her creation this time. I did not even see her making it until she has 90% finished. Therefore, I don’t really have a detailed tutorial this week. Plus, it is very simple. Believe me, Miss Porky is still too young to make something complicated.


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TBC Crafters 64 – Thank You Notes Album for Teacher Appreciation

It has been 7 months that I have not updated my blog on crafts. During the “off” time, I was very busy but I or my children had done quite a bit of different crafts, just had some much going on … laptop broke down (I have lost some of my pictures although I have back up some of them in an external drive), kids’ crazy school and activities schedules, visits of different siblings, left feet hurt, shoulder and arms hurt …. just did not able to sit down and write something. OK, I have decided to resume blogging and hopefully I can keep this blog up, at least once every week on blogging art and craft projects.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. In my children’s school, PTA asked parents from each classroom to help out on creating a Thank You notes album. The PTA parents sent out a secret packet to each kid with a note to the parents to help out the kid to write a thank you note to his/her teacher. After the notes have been turned in, one of the parents from each class would help to put the notes into an album. The album will be given to the teacher after the Teacher Appreciation lunch today. Unfortunately, some note cards were too big and the kids wrote from one side to another side of the cards. Trimming the cards might not work that well. Plus some classes only turned in only a few pieces. The idea of a lot of “thank you” did not work well. I used some color paper stocks and made an album to hold all the notes. My children were so excited to help out.

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TBC Crafters 61 – Mid-Autumn Festival Paper Lantern

Next Monday is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or someone call it Moon Festival or Moon Cake Festival. It is the most important festival of Chinese culture other than Lunar New Year and Winter Solstice. Chinese traditional festival usually relates to food. It is because there are certain kinds of food we Chinese eat in a particular festive season or day. For Mid-Autumn Festival, the featured food is Moon Cake. It involves a lot of processes and preparation which should be started one and half months ago. No kidding! It is! Salted eggs and molasses require more than a month to finish. Other than moon cakes, pomelo, trapa, starfruit and whole fish in sweet & sour sauce are some of the common food for Mid-Autumn Festival. When I was a kid, Mid-Autumn Festival means long weekend and chance to go out to play at night. Every kid would carry a lantern lit by a candle at night. There were many patterns and forms of lanterns. Most of them were made of paper and colored wax paper. In Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion. Members who work or study out town would come back home to spend time with the family. The celebration usually runs for 3 days, the 14th of August in Lunar Chinese calendar (called Welcome the Moon), the 15th (Mid-Autumn Festival and also called Appreciate the Moon) and the 16th (called Chasing After the Moon). The moon during this period of time is a beautiful full moon and the lanterns would be hanged up as decoration.

Okay, I am going to make a paper lantern with recycled materials and it is a simple craft that kids can definitely make it with little help from adults.


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TBC Crafters 59 – Box Guitar

Again, I would like to put my son’s craft under the spotlight this week. I am so surprised that he made it almost all by himself, I only help to make the cuts on the box for him as it involved using a cutter which I do not approve him to do yet. However, the idea is 100% his and original, I did not even see how he made him. Therefore, I can only take picture of the final product. When I asked him what it is (honestly speaking, I could not tell by looking at it), he said that it was a guitar. As a kid, I would not expect my son to make something perfect. I appreciate his imagination and creativity. This box guitar makes sound although you cannot really call it music.


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TBC Crafters 58 – Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

I was so wrapped these days, busy at work, kids on vacation and were bored at home, camera broken and waiting for the new ordered one to be mailed to me. My kids were particularly attach to me, they just did not let me have a second of “me” time. Totally understand! I would like to stay with my mom and dad when I was on vacations but they did not really had day off in those old days. My dad worked 363 days a year! No kidding! He only had 2 days off every year, those were Chinese New Year and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. He had his own little store and he earned no money if he took vacation. With 7 people in the family, dad needed to work hard. My mom stayed home as a full-time seamstress which was very common in the old days. I and my siblings could see my mom at home but most of the time she was working. I helped out on housework, even helped her sewing when she needed to prepare meals. Thanks to my mom that I learned using sewing machine and cooking before I turned 10 years old.

I am a full-time working mom now and I cannot see my kids during my work hours. Therefore, I particularly treasure the moment that I stay with them. This week, I did not have time to craft but want to show what my kids have done to re-purpose cardboard boxes.


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TBC Crafters 57 – July 4th Paper Pinwheel

It’s July 4th today and it is never too late to make this simple paper pinwheel. My son saw it in the morning and he stared at it for a little while, then he took it and said to me, “thank you mommy!” He already knows that it is for him. Daughter wants it too but since she has the pom pom hairtie, this is the turn for her brother.

This is a very simple project that even kids can do it, just need some assistance if your kids are young as we need a pearl-head pin which is sharp on one end.


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TBC Crafters 55 – Chinese Style of Gift-Wrapping

I saw a similar one in Facebook but I cannot find the photo/post any more, far too many updates in Facebook each day. I totally fall in love for its Chinese elements. The materials need can be easily found in my home. It only took me a few minutes to finish. Yes! No kidding! It only takes little effort and time to make it. And the outcome is very nice and impressive.


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