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TBC Crafters 69 : Eraserhead Dolls

Little Miss Porky cannot wait to share her creative ideas these days. Ever since I showed her this blog and her little brain started to loop. She would excitedly show me some cute little things and then share how she do it. In fact, she has already made a few craft projects and has asked me to write posts to show everybody, particularly kids who like arts and crafts as much as she does.

This eraserhead dolls idea is purely 100% her creation. I only managed to do the final touch-up to heat seal the ribbons. Of course, Miss Porky is too young to use a lighter or a glue gun. I would be the quality control and gate-keeper of her works.

I have once thought of making a sub-page for Miss Porky, maybe naming it Miss Porky’s Creation. But, she disliked the idea and she said that “Girly Creation” is perfect as the ideas/projects shared here are for girls. She would like to stick to my blog and it is a small piece of mother-and-daughter space, just for two of us.



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TBC Crafters 49 – Fabric Flower Hair Tie

I took a short time off from TBC Crafters Hop and decided to have a craft post this week no matter what. I did a pretty simple and practical one. If you have a daughter with long hair, you would likely agree that it is practical. Who would complain to have more hair accessories? My daughter definitely won’t. She is always excited to see new addition to her “collection” and takes a bit of time to choose what she wants to go for every morning. I have plenty of fabric scraps, beads, ribbons, laces…. and I used these to make a hair tie for my girl.


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2014 Inspiration with Glue Dots

I take the Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge of Laura Kelly. Her inspiration of using craft supplies gives me an idea to go through my craft inventory. I pick up some of my favorites but believe me these are only not even close to 1/20 of the inventory types of my craft supplies. My daughter sees it and also wants to make one on her own. Why not?

Here is mine to enter Laura Kelly’s Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge: –



Ingredients used:-

Sparkle flakes in shapes of butterfly, heart and star

Buttons (do you notice that my other name is Button Queen? LOL)

Ribbons, the double-side satin one in golden color, the lace one in linen color

Star resins

Ribbon roses

I just need to make a frame for it to make it a 2014 New Year decoration or simply make it a greeting card by adding a card stock at the back.

Do you want to join the challenge and win some nice Glue Dots? Go take a look of Laura Kelly’s site.


TBC Crafters 42 – Lace Fabric Hairtie

This post is supposed to be on last week but I was too busy to write up this blog post. Since my daughter learns dancing, she needs a lot of hair bands and hairties to tie up her hair into a bun or two. 2 weeks before, I saw one of my daughter’s dancing class classmates wear a lace hairtie which held the hair bun so firm. Her mom told me and some other mothers that she bought it from Daiso at $1.50 each. If you know how to sew or have a sewing machine at home, it is worth trying DIY as you would not find another one girl who has the same one like your girls.


Ingredients: –

A piece of fabric wherever size but must be in the shape of a stripe

Lace, matches the length of the piece of fabric

Elastic strings, prefer to be a bit wider

Needle and threads


How to make it?

1) Cut out a stripe of fabric, I used a piece of 4″ wide this time. I would try maybe 3″ and 2″ next time. 4″ is a little bit wide but needs to reserve space for lace.


2) Attach the piece of lace on the right side of the fabric and then fold the fabric up. Start sewing on the negative side of the fabric.




3) Sew all the way toward the end of the fabric, then fold the fabric inside out to form a long “tube” with lace attached on one side.



4) Insert the elastic strings into the “tube” and tie a knot. 


5) Sew the 2 ends of the “tube” together and hind the elastic knot inside.


6) Adjust the position of the elastic string inside the “tube” and it is ready to use.


P1200368-1 20131204_082330-1

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TBC Crafters 35 – Paper Cup Flavor Box

Crafty Thursday again! I took a rest of 2 weeks and decided that I have to force myself to put something up. Otherwise, I would be in a mood swing and may take another week off. I was busy at work and at home. My daughter just turned 6 and I have to prepare flavors for her birthday party. However, I indeed was so wrapped at work and too tired to make complicated things like the earlier years. I instead made a very simple flavor box to store some little goodies.


Paper cup

Some lace stickers

Some pattern paper (I used the one with birthday cakes on)

Some sparkles

Some tulle

Scissors, glue or adhesive tapes

Step by step instructions:

1) Make 4 cuts on the paper cups and don’t cut all the way to the bottom, just about 1/3 to half way, depends on how much stuff you need to put into the cup.

2) Flip the 4 parts of the paper cup down and lock in as shown in below picture.

3) Decorate the cup/box with lace stickers, pattern paper and sparkles. Fold a piece of tulle and stuff it into the middle opening of the box.

Well, remember to put the goodies into the box before you close and lock the 4 flips.

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TBC Crafters 34 – Repurposed Sock Bracelets

The credit of this week’s craft idea goes to my sweetie daughter. She has a pair of favorite socks. Even though both socks have a hole on the bottom and she actually has outgrown from them, she does not want to throw them away. She asked me on Sunday night why didn’t I make bracelets with the ripped socks. I pretended not knowing what she said,”How?” She showed it to me,”Cut that and put my hands in like this?” Of course, I knew what she meant and I told her that I would make one for her. As usual, I waited until she went to bed, I started my crafting project. In fact, this project should be called wristband rather than bracelet but my daughter calls it bracelet because she does not know the word “wristband” yet.



Socks x 2



Felt x 1 piece cut into a circle


Button x 1

Needles and threads

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1) Cut the part from ankle to toe of a sock and save only the upper park with elastic band.


2) Sew a piece of laces with the part without elastic band. I created some ruffles which allows more flexibility and it looks more girly (my blog name!!!)


3) Done! You can wear it either way. This is my arm and hand, it seems a little bit tight.


4) There is another version that I made for my dear son. Cut a circle from a color felt sheet. Use needle and threads to create the arms of a watch. Sew a small button in the middle. Done!




I cannot wait to see the faces of my 2 little kids when they see the “bracelets” tomorrow.

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TBC Crafters 26 – Fabric YoYo Necklace

I worked late yesterday night to make this special necklace for my girl who graduates today from kindergarten. She is a girly girl (just like her mom and that is why this blog is named Girly Creation) and she loves all kinds of girly stuff such as flowers, ribbons, butterflies, etc. All the necklaces, hair accessories and craft projects I made before are mainly for her.

I used all kinds of “girly” materials to create this necklace for my girly’s graduation. She planned to wear the new white dress with laces at the bottom and I would like to make something that can coordinate with it. I pulled out my treasure box and I saw a whole bunch of stuff. There we go…..


Fabric (all kinds, choose whatever pattern or print you want or just solid ones)

A piece of knit lace string (about 40″ long)

Buttons of smaller size (yes, buttons again! Yes, it is me, the button queen, haha)

Needles & threads and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Use different circle templates (DVD, circle card stock, paper roll…) to cut out a few fabric circles (number depends on how long and how big the necklace you want to create). I cut out one big circle and 7 small ones.

2) Run a stitch along the edge of the wrong side of the fabric circle and pull the thread to gather the outer of the fabric into the center. Add a button in the middle to create a fabric yoyo flower.

 photo P1180186-1_zps5d77a213.jpg

3) Finish 6 of the small fabric circles. The 7th small one would be the center of the biggest fabric circle. Put the 7th small yoyo flower on top of the biggest yoyo flower and add a button to the middle to form a center yoyo flower.

4) Sew each of the yoyo flower on the lace. To firmly hold the flowers in place, add extra stitches in between flowers.

5) Tie a bow at the back and it can be worn as a necklace.

6) Change the pattern by having the lace bow tied at the side.

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