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TBC Crafters 69 : Eraserhead Dolls

Little Miss Porky cannot wait to share her creative ideas these days. Ever since I showed her this blog and her little brain started to loop. She would excitedly show me some cute little things and then share how she do it. In fact, she has already made a few craft projects and has asked me to write posts to show everybody, particularly kids who like arts and crafts as much as she does.

This eraserhead dolls idea is purely 100% her creation. I only managed to do the final touch-up to heat seal the ribbons. Of course, Miss Porky is too young to use a lighter or a glue gun. I would be the quality control and gate-keeper of her works.

I have once thought of making a sub-page for Miss Porky, maybe naming it Miss Porky’s Creation. But, she disliked the idea and she said that “Girly Creation” is perfect as the ideas/projects shared here are for girls. She would like to stick to my blog and it is a small piece of mother-and-daughter space, just for two of us.



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TBC Crafters 47 – Paper Heart Flower Deco

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have too many ideas in mind, not sure which one to go first. I want to make a craft using Chinese New Year red envelopes like that in last year. I want to make a Valentine for my loved ones. I want to mix Chinese and Western elements together because it would be both Chinese Valentine’s Day and Western Valentine’s Day on the same day this year. This would not happen often and the 2 calendars are so different. Finally, I come up an idea of a hanging deco that made with paper. It is really, really, very, very Valentine’s Day. It contains hearts, sparkles, flower, ribbons….

P1210475-1   P1210482-1

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TBC Crafters 41 – Jelly Belly Beanie Neck Cushion

I have promised to make a jelly belly beanie cushion for my son since we visited Jelly Belly Factory during Spring Break. I know, it has been months and I still have not made it. Blame the mood swing, blame the sewing machine (I don’t even buy it yet!), blame the housework (I am lazy enough to do minimal housework), blame the blah blah blah…. honestly speaking, I am searching for a deal for a sewing machine which can definitely help out on sewing project but I am very picky so that it is still in the air. Fingers crossed for the Black Friday!

The school teachers agreed to let my son to have a comfort item in the class so that he can calm down when he is stressful or frustrated. I think that a beanie “something” would be suitable.


Material needed: –

Fabric, my son has eczema and 100% cotton is always my choice

Craft beads or other stuffing material

Needle and threads

Step by step instructions: –

1) Cut out a shape of a jelly belly bean from a piece of paper and use pin to attach it on the piece of fabric. I need 2 pieces of fabric so I fold the fabric and cut out 2 at one time.


2) Sew the 2 pieces of “jelly belly” together, right side facing right side. I use back-stitches to make sure that the beanie cushion would not rip easily.




3) Leave at least 1 inch and bring the right side of the fabric out to form a cushion pocket.



4) Pour the stuffing crafting beads into the cushion until decided fullness and stitch close the cushion bag.



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TBC Crafters 38 – Origami Windmill

This is not my original creation. I learned it from an arts & crafts workshop in the library last Saturday. The workshop was designed for kids 6 years old + and there were quite a bit of teenagers and adults participated. This piece is one of the most inspirational ones and every kids liked it. There is no complicated skill required. Little kid may have difficulty in assembling but it is fun to make this windmill.


Materials required:
Origami paper x 8 pieces (in square shape), prefer in at least 2 colors, 4 each color
And a pair of crafty hands with wonderful fingers!


Step by step instructions:
1) Fold a horizontal crease, then a vertical crease.



2) Fold a diagonal crease from each side of the paper.



3) Open the paper and there is total 4 lines of creases on the paper.


4) Flip the paper over and fold 2 corners to the center from one side of the paper. Then, fold down the paper horizontally and the 2 corners are wrapped inside.



5) Push the other side of the paper down and bring the middle into the inside. It forms one flip of the windmill.


6) Fold all the square origami paper into the part of step 5. Make 8 flips.


7) Assembling the flips to form a ring which can turn into a 8-flip windmill. Hold the flip with the closed end on one side and insert the closed end of another flip into the opened end of the first flip.


8) Press the excess parts of the first flip and wrap them on the open pocket on the side. Repeat the same until all 8 flips are connected like a ring.



9) Carefully pull each of the flips out and form a windmill.


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TBC Crafters 27 – Handmade Paper Flower

Thursday again, hooray! Crafty day! I have a day off today to enjoy my time with my kids. Well, actually I have no childcare today. School ended last week and summer camp does not start until next week. Planned to bring the kids out for lunch and play in the park but they like to stay home. I made this craft yesterday night and showed it to the kids this morning. They want to learn making some themselves. This is definitely an easy one for kids to work on.


Color paper (I used those for origami)

Some pipe cleaners (short one is fine)

Double-side adhesive tapes


Step-by-step instructions:

1) Fold the origami paper into half, cut the paper from the folded side towards the other side but not cut it completely. These stripes would be the petals of the flower.

2) Use double side adhesive tape to stick the 2 sides of the paper together.

3) Stick another stripe of double side adhesive tape on one side of the origami paper.

4) Use the pipe cleaner as the stem of the flower and stick the tip of the pipe cleaner on the uncut side of the origami paper. Start to roll the paper and wrap the pipe cleaner.

5) Use a pencil of the tip of the scissors to roll each of the petal curly to make it a blossom flower.

My girl was so excited to see the flowers and she requested to learn making her own.

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TBC Crafters 25 – Personalized Napkin Rings

Thursday again!!! Are you ready for another craft using a toilet paper roll? This week, I take the suggestion of my fellow TBC Crafter Dawn to use ribbon to wrap around a toilet paper roll to make a craft project.

Napkin rings are usually bought in a set but I would love to make personalized ones for guests or family. I used 2 sets of materials to create different looks and feels. The materials are available in my house. Have I told you that I’m a hauler of all kinds of beautiful stuff? And my kids now know that I have stored my beautiful stuff in the closet and they call it the beautiful treasure corner. Let see what I need from this beautiful treasure corner to create this week’s project.


1 x toilet paper roll (I can make 5-6 napkin rings out of it)

2-1/2 feet of 3/8″ grosgrain ribbons of different colors

4 feet of Chinese knotting thread cords

Charms / buttons

Double-side adhesive tapes

Step to Step Instructions

Napkin ring with Chinese knotting thread cord and charm

1) Cut out 1 ring from a toilet paper roll (about 3/4″ wide) using a pair of scissors.

2) Use double-side adhesive tape to fix 2 stripes of 3/8″ ribbons on the outer side of the ring.

3) Wrap around the toilet paper ring with Chinese knotting thread cord. Remember to pull the cord tight and straighten the half knots at the side of the ring.

4) Add a charm in the middle of the ring.

5) When the whole ring has been wrapped around totally by the Chinese knotting thread cord. Tie a knot and cut the 2 ends of the thread cord. Heat seal it with a lighter and hide the 2 ends underneath the inner part of the ring.

Napkin ring with ribbon and rhinestone button

1) Cut out 1 ring from a toilet paper roll (about 3/4″ wide) using a pair of scissors.

2) Put a strip of double-side adhesive tape onto the outer part of the ring. Wrap the ribbon around the ring with an angle for easy coverage of the ring.

3) Insert a rhinestone button into the ribbon and position it in the middle of the ring.

4) Use a piece of double-side adhesive tape to stick the end of the ribbon in the inner part of the napkin ring.

You can create any kind of personalized napkin ring by using different materials. I made the running shoe one for my son and the rhinestone one for my daughter. But, I would expect them playing with it as the clowns for their stuffed animals or dolls.

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