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TBC Crafters 67 – Doll’s Dress Made with Sock 2

Ms. Little Porky loves making clothes for her Barbie doll. This piece was purely her work. I just took pictures and “recreated” her works. I cannot believe that she could make it herself and she did not ask for her or idea. 100% purely my Ms. Little Porky’s work!!!! She was so excited to learn that I would post it in my blog and this was the first time I mentioned about my “Girly Creation” blog. Ms. Little Porky loved the blog name and she was terribly happy when I told her that I would create a sub-page for her. She asked me all the time these days if I would put her projects online. I am now seriously thinking about the plan to let Ms. Little Porky showing her “girl’s creativity” and hopefully persuade more kids to enjoy being crafters.


Again, this is a simple craft project that you need only very limited materials. And, you possibly only need no more than a minute. Let’s start! Continue reading


TBC Crafters 56 – July 4th PomPom Hairtie

Time to work on July 4th related post! Last year, I made paper firework. This year, I start with a July 4th theme pompom hairtie. I have seen tons of Youtube videos on making a pompom hair bow. Some Youtubers named it a loopy hair bow. To me, hairtie would be more useful for my daughter’s hairstyles. What I have to add is just a hair band.


Materials needed Continue reading

TBC Crafters 54 – Button & Bead Hairties

Skipped for two weeks… because of my allergy and busy work. I lost the push to make something although I had several ideas in mind. This week, I pick up myself with a super easy and simple one. I can finish one within a minute, no kidding and you can try to see if I have lied. Ingredients are simple too. If you have long hair or you have a daughter with long hair, you possibly don’t even have to buy anything. Let’s start!


Ingredients: Continue reading

TBC Crafters 49 – Fabric Flower Hair Tie

I took a short time off from TBC Crafters Hop and decided to have a craft post this week no matter what. I did a pretty simple and practical one. If you have a daughter with long hair, you would likely agree that it is practical. Who would complain to have more hair accessories? My daughter definitely won’t. She is always excited to see new addition to her “collection” and takes a bit of time to choose what she wants to go for every morning. I have plenty of fabric scraps, beads, ribbons, laces…. and I used these to make a hair tie for my girl.


Materials & tools needed: Continue reading

TBC Crafters 42 – Lace Fabric Hairtie

This post is supposed to be on last week but I was too busy to write up this blog post. Since my daughter learns dancing, she needs a lot of hair bands and hairties to tie up her hair into a bun or two. 2 weeks before, I saw one of my daughter’s dancing class classmates wear a lace hairtie which held the hair bun so firm. Her mom told me and some other mothers that she bought it from Daiso at $1.50 each. If you know how to sew or have a sewing machine at home, it is worth trying DIY as you would not find another one girl who has the same one like your girls.


Ingredients: –

A piece of fabric wherever size but must be in the shape of a stripe

Lace, matches the length of the piece of fabric

Elastic strings, prefer to be a bit wider

Needle and threads


How to make it?

1) Cut out a stripe of fabric, I used a piece of 4″ wide this time. I would try maybe 3″ and 2″ next time. 4″ is a little bit wide but needs to reserve space for lace.


2) Attach the piece of lace on the right side of the fabric and then fold the fabric up. Start sewing on the negative side of the fabric.




3) Sew all the way toward the end of the fabric, then fold the fabric inside out to form a long “tube” with lace attached on one side.



4) Insert the elastic strings into the “tube” and tie a knot. 


5) Sew the 2 ends of the “tube” together and hind the elastic knot inside.


6) Adjust the position of the elastic string inside the “tube” and it is ready to use.


P1200368-1 20131204_082330-1

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TBC Crafters 40 – Fabric Rose

The cough has not gone yet and even my little girl is coughing, blame the weather change. I am not in full energy but feel like making something this week. Rose is my favorite flower and I really enjoy making roses with different kind of material. Fabric is one of the materials that I like to use to make flowers, particularly roses. The fabric rose can be used to decorate clothes or to make hair/clothing accessories. This one is simple and you can make a rose of any size.


Materials needed: –

Fabric, I used cotton this time, suggest to use thinner fabric for easy sewing

Threads and needle


Circle template, optional, you can use whatever in round shape

Step-by-step Instructions: –

1) Use the circle template to cut out 8 circles from the piece of fabric, all the same size. I have some templates that I use to make fabric buttons. This time, I used the one for the button of 27mm in diameter.



2) Fold the circle in half and run stitches on the size of the round side. Overlap a little bit with the current circle when a new piece of fabric circle is added, until all 8 circles are sewn together into one line.


3) Pull the thread and all 8 circles are “wrinkled” to form petals of the rose. Do not need to pull too tight as it would affect the outlook of the rose.


4) Roll the petals to form a “whirl” and “fix” the petals at the bottom once the form of the rose looks good to you.



5) A fabric rose is “born” and you can use it as embellishment for clothing and hair accessories.


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TBC Crafters 39 – Pillowcase Skirt Set

My daughter wants to be a Chinese dancer for Halloween this year. Being so busy recently, I am not able to spend too much time on preparation. Also, I don’t have a sewing machine (decide to get one in this Black Friday and fingers crossed for a good one at affordable price), every sewing project is a  big one for me. Imagine how many stitches I would need to make for a dress, not considering the complicated embroideries yet. To make this project simple, I made a very simple skirt and a matching hairpiece. Daughter can wear a sweater that matches the color theme, especially the weather gets cold these days.



Fabric of your choice, depends on how long you want the skirt to be and how tall how fat of the kid (I made it just a few inches below the kneels for easy walking/running)

Ribbons of various colors

A crochet headband

A fabric shabby flower (I choose one that matches the color of the skirt)

Elastic band for garment

Of course, needles, threads and scissors


1) Cut out a long rectangle shape of fabric and fold over to the side and stitch the side together to form a long “ring” and the skirt is half-completed.


2) Fold down the top of the fabric, about 1 inch and stitch on the back of the fabric, leave about 1 inch without closing. Measure the waistline of the kid and cut an elastic band that long enough to wrap about the waist. Leave about 2 inches for making a knot.


3) Decorate the dress with a fabric shabby flower and ribbons. Ribbons need to be long enough to hanging down to the bottom of the skirt.

P1190919-1 P1190922-1

4) For the hairpiece, use a crochet headband and tie a few stripe of ribbons on it. Again, the ribbons should be a bit long to hang on the side to match the dress.

P1190924-1 P1190927-1

It is not a perfect skirt but definitely a unique one that nobody would get the same one. The little model is asleep now and I cannot wait to see her wearing it tomorrow. Too bad that I cannot attend the school parade tomorrow as I need to work full day.

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