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TBC Crafter 75 – Handmade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Two three years ago, I was addicted to making fruit enzyme. I made a new jar almost every week. The process was actually pretty interesting, observing the bubbles increased, loosening the cap, hearing the gas released, taking pictures to record the daily difference, testing with different kinds of fruits… all those were adventurous and rewarding. At that time, I had a lot of lemon peels and/or orange peels left and most of them ended up in the composite bin. Sometimes, I might use the orange peels to make confection and my daughter loved so much.

Making fruit enzyme requires a lot of work and it is not cheap. The quality of the fruits is important. I wished to have a lemon tree in my backyard so badly. My hubby always said,”Why don’t you just eat fruits everyday? Easy and convenient.” Later, I became so busy and did not have much time to spend on making fruit enzyme. After I finished the last jar, I used all the storage jars to keep kitchen ingredients and started making more plum wine.

One of my friends told me that she used scraps of vegetables and fruit peels to make enzyme cleaner. Her 2 daughters have bad eczema. All cleaners, detergents and soaps that contain fragrance and/or chemicals can cause outburst. She is a pharmacist and started to make her own soap, chapstick and cleaner 2 years ago. She introduced the idea to me but soap-making needs space for processing and drying. I cannot have space for making a work room hence, I am hesitating to start. Instead, making enzyme cleaner seems to be much easier and feasible for me, except it takes 3 months to be ready to use!

In last month, my whole family was sick. Hubby made everyone in the house eating oranges everyday. All a sudden, I need to peel off a few oranges at one time and a good pile of orange peels left in the kitchen. An idea flashed on top of my mind and I started making my very first citrus enzyme cleaner.

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