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TBC Crafters 72 – Tea Set for Dollies

Little Miss Porky falls in love with making stuff for her dolls. She used a few of her supplies to make tea cups and sugar bowl for her little ones. I remember when I was a little girl, I enjoyed role-playing game. I and my sister pretended to be princesses having afternoon teas and discussing fashion ideas for our paper-dolls. We used the miniature tea sets and pretended to eat and drink. Miss Porky does not have a sister. Her brother is approaching the age that he starts to find role-playing is sometimes boring. So, most of the time, Miss Porky plays with her dolls. She loves her dolls and each of them has a name. She plays with them, sleeps with them and even would bring them to the bathroom when she takes a shower. Her dolls wait for her inside the bathroom.

20151102_210909-1 20151102_201523-1


1 x Craft Bead (used for making necklace/bracelet)

1 x Perler Bead (used for melty bead craft)

1 x button (the same size of the craft bead would be perfect)

Glue Stick



How to make the craft?

(1) Cut the Perler Bead opened, then cut it in half. We just need half to make one cup.

20151102_192428 20151102_192615

Miss Porky said that it did not have to be perfect, the cup is tiny anyway, not really see too much details.


(2) Use the glue stick to attach the half perler bead (cup handle) to the craft bead (cup).


(3)  Use the glue stick to attach a button to the bottom of the craft bead as the bottom of the cup. Set it aside to dry.


(4) Use a bigger button as the saucer of the cup. Cut a small piece of wooden toothpick as the teaspoon.


(5) Attach 2 handles to the craft bead to make it a sugar bowl. Insert a small bead inside the “sugar bowl” and a small piece of wooden toothpick as the teaspoon.


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TBC Crafters 71 – Make Up Set for Dolly

My daughter Miss Porky really falls into making stuffs for her dolls these days. During the summer vacation when she has no summer camp, she discovered some channels in Youtube and watched how these Youtubers made things for their Barbie or Bythe or High School Monster dolls. I am kind of concerned and not concerned – she is mature/well-behaved enough to watch videos in Youtube. We have mutual understanding what can be watched and what cannot. I also monitor what they have watched by checking the watch history. Both of my children understand and know that their privileges would be taken away if they violate the rules.

What I concerned is that Miss Little Porky has made a whole bunch of crafts that I just cannot stand for her making the home a mess. She has paper scraps, cut pipe cleaners, beads, ribbon strips everywhere and glue stick on my computer table (which is also used as our craft table). Every night after I get off from work and open the front door, Miss Porky jumped out and has 2 sparkling eyes on her face, all excited and eager to show me what she has made. I am really happy that Miss Little Porky finds something that she likes, possibly she would be just like me – love crafting for the whole entire life!

Let me show you one piece of the dolly “project” that she has made a few weeks ago. (I know, I have been lazy and this should be posted earlier…) It contains 2 items- the eye-shadow palette and the nail polish bottles.


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TBC Crafters 63 – Feltie Handbags for Dolls

This week, I am going to continue showing my kids’ “little projects”. I call these “little projects” because : 1) My kids are little in my eyes (moms would understand what I mean, really wish that they could be that little forever), 2) The stuff that they made are for “little” dolls and 3) The stuff are mini in sizes = little!

To us adults, these little stuff are easy to make but for a 8 years old boy and a 7 years old girl, the efforts they put in were not “little”. We adults possibly spend 5 minutes and my kids have spent more than double of time. But, they did it and actually did very well. Using needles and threads helps to improve co-ordination of eyes and hands. In fact, this project was initiated by my daughter and my son. They told me what they would like to make. My son even searched in my craft supplies box and looked for the felt scraps.


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TBC Crafters 34 – Repurposed Sock Bracelets

The credit of this week’s craft idea goes to my sweetie daughter. She has a pair of favorite socks. Even though both socks have a hole on the bottom and she actually has outgrown from them, she does not want to throw them away. She asked me on Sunday night why didn’t I make bracelets with the ripped socks. I pretended not knowing what she said,”How?” She showed it to me,”Cut that and put my hands in like this?” Of course, I knew what she meant and I told her that I would make one for her. As usual, I waited until she went to bed, I started my crafting project. In fact, this project should be called wristband rather than bracelet but my daughter calls it bracelet because she does not know the word “wristband” yet.



Socks x 2



Felt x 1 piece cut into a circle


Button x 1

Needles and threads

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1) Cut the part from ankle to toe of a sock and save only the upper park with elastic band.


2) Sew a piece of laces with the part without elastic band. I created some ruffles which allows more flexibility and it looks more girly (my blog name!!!)


3) Done! You can wear it either way. This is my arm and hand, it seems a little bit tight.


4) There is another version that I made for my dear son. Cut a circle from a color felt sheet. Use needle and threads to create the arms of a watch. Sew a small button in the middle. Done!




I cannot wait to see the faces of my 2 little kids when they see the “bracelets” tomorrow.

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TBC Crafters 28 – Feltie Duckie

Have you heard of the Giant Rubber Duck is heading to USA now? It will arrive Pittsburgh in September for the art-and-culture International Festival of Firsts. The ducky has just finished its legendary trip in Hong Kong for a month. The people in Hong Kong was crazy about it. Many of my friends in Hong Kong have “visited” the ducky at least once. I saw tons of photos of the ducky and my friends on Facebook and Whatsapp. Hope the first trip to USA would be a nice one for the Giant Ducky. Too bad that I am not in Pittsburgh.

My kids just like other kids in the world, played with rubber duckies in the bathtub when they were babies. They still keep some at home although they would not play in the tub any more. I told my son that I was going to make a ducky dolly for him, he was so excited. When he saw my draft of the ducky, he kept asking when I would start sewing. It took me almost 2 hours (because I was online reading news, commenting on forum and sewing at the same time) and I have twisted my lower back accidentally.

Materials needed:

Yellow felt sheet for the body, head and wings of the ducky

A little bit of orange/shocking pink felt for the beak

2 small black buttons

1 stripe of grosgrain ribbon

Threads, needles and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) First of all, draw the different parts of the ducky on paper, reserved about 1/4″ for sewing. Cut out each part and pin on a piece of yellow felt sheet. Cut out the felt and set aside.

2) Fold the body part in half and sew the back, then attach the body bottom and the body together. Reverse the felt and shape it into a pocket body.

3) Fill in with batting until it is “tough” enough to “stand”.

4) Work on the head, run a stitch around the circle head and pull the thread (reference to the post of yoyo necklace), form a half-circle pocket. Fill in some batting to make the head of the ducky.

5) Attach the head to the body with threads and needle.

6) Sew a stitch in the middle of the wing to make it more 3D. Attach the wings to both of the body with threads and needle. To make it more lively and the wings more flexible, just attach the front part of the wing to the body.

7) Cut out the beak – the lower beak is flatter and narrower than the upper beak. Sew the sides of the lower and upper beaks together and then attach the beak to the head of the ducky.

8) Sew the 2 buttons on the head to form the eyes of the ducky.

9) Final touch – tie a ribbon around the neck of the ducky. My son’s favorite color is green. Therefore, I used a green 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon and tie a bow around the neck.

10) Give it a name – my son named his ducky Mr. Quack Quack and my daughter used her tutu as the nest for the ducky to stay when they were out to Summer School. My children asked me to make a 2nd one as the wife of Mr. Quack Quack!

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