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TBC Crafters 72 – Tea Set for Dollies

Little Miss Porky falls in love with making stuff for her dolls. She used a few of her supplies to make tea cups and sugar bowl for her little ones. I remember when I was a little girl, I enjoyed role-playing game. I and my sister pretended to be princesses having afternoon teas and discussing fashion ideas for our paper-dolls. We used the miniature tea sets and pretended to eat and drink. Miss Porky does not have a sister. Her brother is approaching the age that he starts to find role-playing is sometimes boring. So, most of the time, Miss Porky plays with her dolls. She loves her dolls and each of them has a name. She plays with them, sleeps with them and even would bring them to the bathroom when she takes a shower. Her dolls wait for her inside the bathroom.

20151102_210909-1 20151102_201523-1


1 x Craft Bead (used for making necklace/bracelet)

1 x Perler Bead (used for melty bead craft)

1 x button (the same size of the craft bead would be perfect)

Glue Stick



How to make the craft?

(1) Cut the Perler Bead opened, then cut it in half. We just need half to make one cup.

20151102_192428 20151102_192615

Miss Porky said that it did not have to be perfect, the cup is tiny anyway, not really see too much details.


(2) Use the glue stick to attach the half perler bead (cup handle) to the craft bead (cup).


(3)  Use the glue stick to attach a button to the bottom of the craft bead as the bottom of the cup. Set it aside to dry.


(4) Use a bigger button as the saucer of the cup. Cut a small piece of wooden toothpick as the teaspoon.


(5) Attach 2 handles to the craft bead to make it a sugar bowl. Insert a small bead inside the “sugar bowl” and a small piece of wooden toothpick as the teaspoon.


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TBC Crafters 63 – Feltie Handbags for Dolls

This week, I am going to continue showing my kids’ “little projects”. I call these “little projects” because : 1) My kids are little in my eyes (moms would understand what I mean, really wish that they could be that little forever), 2) The stuff that they made are for “little” dolls and 3) The stuff are mini in sizes = little!

To us adults, these little stuff are easy to make but for a 8 years old boy and a 7 years old girl, the efforts they put in were not “little”. We adults possibly spend 5 minutes and my kids have spent more than double of time. But, they did it and actually did very well. Using needles and threads helps to improve co-ordination of eyes and hands. In fact, this project was initiated by my daughter and my son. They told me what they would like to make. My son even searched in my craft supplies box and looked for the felt scraps.


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TBC Crafters 54 – Button & Bead Hairties

Skipped for two weeks… because of my allergy and busy work. I lost the push to make something although I had several ideas in mind. This week, I pick up myself with a super easy and simple one. I can finish one within a minute, no kidding and you can try to see if I have lied. Ingredients are simple too. If you have long hair or you have a daughter with long hair, you possibly don’t even have to buy anything. Let’s start!


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TBC Crafters 51 – Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Easter is so close but too bad there is no holiday in USA. I miss the old days living in Hong Kong. There are 17 public holidays in 2014 and there are 3 consecutive days of public holidays for Easter. This week, I decided to make something for Easter. When I ask my children about Easter, they would mention Easter eggs, bunny, chicks and of course, goodies for their friends. A big bag of plastic Easter egg goodies has been prepared for each of my kids and they have brought them to school right after their Spring Break. The craft for this week is a parent-kid project of my family. I led my kids and more than half of the works was done by them. Indeed, they can do on their own with minimal guidance.


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TBC Crafters 48 – Pop Up Box Card

I mentioned in my previous post of Feb 6th, I joined a scrapbooking fans club and the members exchange cards in major occasions. My Pop up box card has arrived and I can disclose it now. This is not my original idea, definitely not know who is the “creator”. Recently, I have seen a lot of people posting their cards in different social networks. If you search “pop up box card” in google images or Pinterest or youtube, you can find tons of beautiful cards made with this technique. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this type of card. For the template and how-to tutorials, you can easily find many videos in youtube and major online craft suppliers. I learned it from splitcoaststampers on youtube. This is the link of the video http://youtu.be/iaKsxdaVwv8 and you can check the tutorial and step-by-step instructions in the website of Splitcoast Stampers at http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/popupboxcard/

Here’s my first pop up box card, definitely not the best and need improvements. But, it’s a good start for me and I am addicted now. Since it is my first trial and I actually spent a few nights to finish (my two wrists and my left arm hurt, I could not work continuously for too long!) , I did not take pictures for a detailed tutorial, sorry.

This is the front of my card. I picked the theme of flowers, butterflies and birds. I wanted my card to deliver a happy message hence, I decided to use bright and pastel colors.  Flowers were made with the technique used in the post of TBC Crafters 46 Paper Flower Valentine Card (yes, made with my favorite buttons!). The 2 big butterflies were made with stamp and ink. The other smaller butterflies were cut out from a scrapbook paper. They all were stick on plastic stripes which made them more presentable.

P1210312-1  P1210315-1

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TBC Crafters 46 – Simple Paper Flower Valentine Card

I have joined a scrapbook/paper-craft group and we would exchange greeting cards during major seasons/occasions to practice different card-making techniques. It really open my eyes. Card-making is not just making or drawing a plain card. It can be a pop-up card, a collages of multiple media, a box or just whatever you can imagine. This time, I have to make a Valentine card using the technique of a box pop-up card. I have seen so many people in social networks making this card. But, I cannot share the card before the group friend receives the card. However, I have used a piece of item in that card to make another one which is very simple and fun to work with kids. I’m going to lead a project for my kids to make some cards this weekend. Let me share the simple paper flower Valentine’s Day card.



Card stock paper, I used  4-1/2″ x 12″ and folded it in half into 4-1/2″ x 6″

Some color origami paper, for easy cutting and folding

Some buttons, yep, buttons again! I can always find ways to use my lovely buttons

A piece of string, I used the one people used to make Chinese knots. You can use a thin ribbon or lace too.

Some gift wrap tie, I used green color for the flower stems

Cutter and scissors, glue or adhesive tapes


How to make the card?

1) Cut a small square (whatever size does not matter, it just decides how big the flower would be), I cut out 4 squares from a piece of origami paper. Fold the square in half horizontally and then another fold in half vertically.

P1210328-1 P1210329-1

2) Fold the square in half again but diagonally this time, make it into a triangle. And then fold the triangle in half again. (look like below) Then, use a pen or marker to draw a curve to form a half petal.


3) Cut the petals out and open up the paper square. You would end up having a paper flower with 8 petals.


4) Glue a button in the middle of the flower. Use tape to stick a piece of gift wrap tie at the back of the flower as its stem.

P1210333-1 P1210334-1

5) Then, I cut out some paper stripes of 2 different colors and weave them into a fence. Arrange the flowers on the card. Tie a piece of string and make a bow on one side of the card. The card is now completed.


My daughter loves the card and she asked me to give it to her, She told me that she is going to give it to someone she loves as a Valentine. I asked her who she would like to give the card to. She told me to excuse her and she needs to write the card and draw pictures inside. A while later, she presented the card to the one she loves – MOMMY! This is the inside of the card that she wrote and drew.

P1210363-1 P1210364-1

Honey, I love you too! My dear daughter!

P.S. My son and my daughter will be making more for their loved one this weekend. If I have time to take pictures, I would post their works later.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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TBC Crafters 45 – Buttons Valentine

Although it is still a bit early, I want to play with my buttons after a little while. This is a very simple and easy piece, possibly the most easiest and simplest ever since I started this art & craft blog. In fact, little kids can do that with assistance from adults.



Buttons – lots of buttons! Look for different sizes which can create a better result


Glue for sticking buttons on the card

A greeting card – I cut out a piece of 6″ H x 12″ W paperstock

A stripe of ribbon – 3/8″ in width, you can use wider or narrower and whatever texture, I used grosgrain ribbon here

How to make?

1) Fold the paperstock in half.

2) Lay down the buttons to form a heart shape. You may want to mix and match buttons of different sizes and colors. The heart does not need to be perfect.


3) Glue the buttons on the greeting card. Tie a ribbon in the middle and form a bow.

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