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TBC Crafters 14 – Hair Donut Made with a Sock

Thursday again and it is time for TBC Crafters Hop. This week is a simple one that I up-cycle an sock. I believe that everyone can find a broken sock or a single sock at home. My husband is the laundry man at our home. Lucky me, since I was pregnant with my older one, my husband picked up the responsibility to do laundry. When we have the younger one, I was totally wrapped with her as she won’t let my husband to touch her until she turned 1 years old. Therefore, it was no way that I can take the laundry out and spend an hour or two in the laundromat. And started from then, we have a lot of missing socks. I throw these poor “singles” into a bag when I was folding clothes and “discover” them. Time goes by and I have a full bag of single socks of all kinds. There is very low chance that I can finally find the missing ones and turn the single socks back to pairs.

With a full bag of missing socks, up-cycle is a choice than just throwing them into the trash can. Since I have pretty thick long hair, I sometimes would like to make a bun for convenience. To make a prefect bun with smooth texture would need long and thick hair to create volume. A sock can be used to make a hair donut which would definitely be usefully for making a perfect round bun.



A single sock (prefer the same color of your hair)


A pair of scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Cut the tip-toe part of the sock with a pair of scissors


2) Roll the sock down and tuck it in shape with the elastic band of the sock


3) Tie a ponytail and put the hair donut through the ponytail. Bend down a bit and then even the hair out on top of the hair donut.


4) Wrap the hair around the hair donut and use bobby pins or hair pins to fix the hair in place to form a perfect round hair bun.


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