TBC Crafters 74 – Miniature Camera & Camcorder

This is originated from Miss Porky. She made a camera and camcorder for her dolls. She showed to me. They are so detailed, the viewfinder and the menu buttons are based on the parts and look of my previous camera. The only difference is the color. I do not have a camera in white. The camcorder is pretty interesting looking. I have no idea where she came up with the design. My son DD said to his sister, “The camcorder looks weird, mommy’s does not look like that.” He even grabbed my camcorder and showed it to Miss Porky.




Some foam paper (whatever color, I used pink this time)

Bead (color matches with the foam paper looks better)

A small bit of aluminium foil

Color pens, pencil, ruler, glue and scissors


Instructions on how to make:

  1. Cut out 2 pieces of foam paper about 2 inches x 1 inch, use glue to stick together to form the body of the camera.


2. Use glue to attach the bead on one side of the foam paper and it is the lenses of the camera.


3. Cut a very small piece of foam paper and stick it on top of the camera body. This is where the flash light, shutter button locates.


4. Cut out a small square of aluminium foil and glue it on the back of the camera body. It is the LCD display screen of the digital camera.


5. Cut a rectangular piece of foam paper and glue it next to the LCD display screen. Use color pens to draw the menu buttons.


6. Finally, cut another tiny piece of aluminum foil in the front of the camera body, just on the top corner above the lens. This is the optical viewfinder.




Camcorder is similar but with a thicker body and the LCD screen is designed to have a flip cover.


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4 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 74 – Miniature Camera & Camcorder

  1. satrntgr

    Those are adorable!!! Goodness, you have talent to work with your hands like that. My eyes wouldn’t be able to see those small pieces and it would end up looking a bit weird over here!! ha/ha Perfect for dolls, or mini houses! I love it! Pinned and tweeted!


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