TBC Crafters 71 – Make Up Set for Dolly

My daughter Miss Porky really falls into making stuffs for her dolls these days. During the summer vacation when she has no summer camp, she discovered some channels in Youtube and watched how these Youtubers made things for their Barbie or Bythe or High School Monster dolls. I am kind of concerned and not concerned – she is mature/well-behaved enough to watch videos in Youtube. We have mutual understanding what can be watched and what cannot. I also monitor what they have watched by checking the watch history. Both of my children understand and know that their privileges would be taken away if they violate the rules.

What I concerned is that Miss Little Porky has made a whole bunch of crafts that I just cannot stand for her making the home a mess. She has paper scraps, cut pipe cleaners, beads, ribbon strips everywhere and glue stick on my computer table (which is also used as our craft table). Every night after I get off from work and open the front door, Miss Porky jumped out and has 2 sparkling eyes on her face, all excited and eager to show me what she has made. I am really happy that Miss Little Porky finds something that she likes, possibly she would be just like me – love crafting for the whole entire life!

Let me show you one piece of the dolly “project” that she has made a few weeks ago. (I know, I have been lazy and this should be posted earlier…) It contains 2 items- the eye-shadow palette and the nail polish bottles.


How to make the nail polish bottles –


Pipe Cleaners (make 2 to 3 by using 1 cleaner)

Beads (all kinds, whatever shapes, colors and sizes are fine)

20150805_215635      20150805_215707

  1. Cut the pipe cleaner to 2 or 3 pieces.
  2. Fold the pipe cleaner piece into half of 3 folds, depends how long you want the caps of the bottles to be.
  3. Stuck the folded pipe cleaner into a piece bead and … done!

** Suggest to use sparkle beads which would appear like real glass nail polish bottles.

How to make the eye-shadow palette –


Ingredients –

Glitter foam stickers, need different colors

2 pieces of black card board paper, measured to be a little bit bigger than the eye-shadow part

A piece of aluminium foil, just a bit smaller than the black card board paper in size

A few Q-tips

Double-size adhesive type and glue plus scissors


(Sorry for the poor picture, the aluminium foil looks so terrible)


  1. Stick the glitter color foam stickers a piece of black card board paper and cut another one out with the same size.

20150805_222352  20150805_222611

2. Cut out a smaller piece of aluminium foil and use adhesive tape to stick it in the middle of the second piece of black card board paper. The foil just looks like the mirror of an eye-shadow palette.


3. Stick the 2 black card board paper together using double-side adhesive tape. The one with the aluminium foil is the cover of the palette.

4. Cut a few Q-tips shorter and they would be used as the brushes to apply eye-shadow on the dolls.

Now, you have a bunch of nail polish bottles and an eye-shadow palette that the little dollies can use. Miss Little Porky arranged the make up set on the little side-table next to the bunk bed of her dollies in the doll-house. Is it nice? I think that it is pretty amazing! She even made mini books, notepads, side-tables.


The original Youtube video that my Little Porky has watched to learn to make these wonderful make up items for her dollies – How to make doll make-up: eye-shadow set and nail polish

Thank you PipeCleanerCrafts B in Youtube, you are wonderful!

For more fun craft projects, visit a few of my favorite bloggers:


8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 71 – Make Up Set for Dolly

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  2. bnadyn

    Wow, that’s so cool, nice job! My son began watching YouTube videos over the summer so I know what you mean about being careful to monitor what they’re watching. He likes watching kids do demos of toys he’s interested in and wants to make his own videos, too. My little girl would like this craft, she likes all the girly things right now!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      My kids are mainly watching cartoon movies but still I don’t approve them to watch some of the movie types. They know the rules and they would bookmark the videos for repeated watching. I would keep posting my girl’s craft projects in the future. She just cannot stop, haha!

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  4. satrntgr

    How cute!!! I always see the miniature sets, but they are usually so boring!! I didn’t even realize that these were small, since they looked so real…I love it!!!


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