TBC Crafters 70 : Alien Pencils Family


Miss Porky time again this week! She actually has completed this piece last week and I saved it for this week’s TBC Crafters post. Miss Porky is attending summer camp just like other children all over United States. Her summer camp emphasizes on arts and crafts. The children would work on arts and crafts, cooking, tinkering… everything that involves children’s participation in the afternoon. Miss Porky particularly likes the afternoon session and looks for it everyday.


According to Miss Porky, she learnt how to make Alien Pencil in the summer camp. However, the idea of making a family was her originality. This week, Miss Porky demonstrated the steps and I took pictures. Unfortunately, my camera was damaged (stupid me dropped it into a bucket of waste oil and I could see the disguising oil appeared on the LED screen when I turned the camera on) and I would be using my cellphone before I can find a good camera in an affordable price.Material needed:


Pipe cleaner

White paper and markers

Tapes, scissors



1) Fold the pipe cleaner into half first and set it aside for later use.

2) Draw an eye on the piece of a piece of white paper, cut out the eye and use it as a template to cut out a second one.


3) Use markers to color the eyes.


4) Use tapes to stick the two eyes on the 2 tips of pipe cleaner.



5) Wrap the pipe cleaner on top of the pencil with tapes.



6) Make 3 or more Alien Pencils to form a family.

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One thought on “TBC Crafters 70 : Alien Pencils Family

  1. satrntgr

    Those are adorable!! What a fun thing to make with kids in a classroom, etc. I might even like to use one – might bring a smile to my face during a stressful day! šŸ™‚


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