TBC Crafters 69 : Eraserhead Dolls

Little Miss Porky cannot wait to share her creative ideas these days. Ever since I showed her this blog and her little brain started to loop. She would excitedly show me some cute little things and then share how she do it. In fact, she has already made a few craft projects and has asked me to write posts to show everybody, particularly kids who like arts and crafts as much as she does.

This eraserhead dolls idea is purely 100% her creation. I only managed to do the final touch-up to heat seal the ribbons. Of course, Miss Porky is too young to use a lighter or a glue gun. I would be the quality control and gate-keeper of her works.

I have once thought of making a sub-page for Miss Porky, maybe naming it Miss Porky’s Creation. But, she disliked the idea and she said that “Girly Creation” is perfect as the ideas/projects shared here are for girls. She would like to stick to my blog and it is a small piece of mother-and-daughter space, just for two of us.



Materials needed:

An arrowhead eraser

3 pieces of Ribbons, 1 x 6″-8″ long x 3/4″-1″ wide; 1 x 4″ long x 1/2″-3/4″ wide and 1 x 4″ long x 3/8″-1/2″ wide; not necessarily of the same colors and types

Double-side adhesive taps

Push-pin or pin needle


Scissors and lighter


Steps to make:

1) Use ballpoint pen to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair on an arrowhead eraser first. Poke a toothpick and make the arrowhead eraser the head of the doll.



2) Roll and fold the 4″ long x 1/2″-3/4″. Use a push-pin or pin needle to poke through it to make a hole. Pull the toothpick through the hole of that ribbon which forms the shoulders of the doll.



3) Stick double-side adhesive tapes on the sides of the widest ribbon (6″-8″ long x 3/4″-1″ wide) , wrap and roll it around the lower part of the toothpick and make it the doll’s body.




4) Use the last piece of ribbon to tie a knot between the arrowhead eraser and the “shoulders” of the doll to form the collars or scarfs.


5) Run the lighter around the edges of the ribbons to hit seal and burn off the loose threads.


6) An eraserhead doll is born.

Using different types of ribbons to customize/personalize the characters. Miss Porky has made a group of dancing fans. As a decoration in the kids’ room, you can use a jumbo eraser and poke the toothpicks on it to let the dolls standing.


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