TBC Crafters 67 – Doll’s Dress Made with Sock 2

Ms. Little Porky loves making clothes for her Barbie doll. This piece was purely her work. I just took pictures and “recreated” her works. I cannot believe that she could make it herself and she did not ask for her or idea. 100% purely my Ms. Little Porky’s work!!!! She was so excited to learn that I would post it in my blog and this was the first time I mentioned about my “Girly Creation” blog. Ms. Little Porky loved the blog name and she was terribly happy when I told her that I would create a sub-page for her. She asked me all the time these days if I would put her projects online. I am now seriously thinking about the plan to let Ms. Little Porky showing her “girl’s creativity” and hopefully persuade more kids to enjoy being crafters.


Again, this is a simple craft project that you need only very limited materials. And, you possibly only need no more than a minute. Let’s start!


A sock, we need only the parts of cuff and leg

2 small rubber bands, the tiny type that used for typing small strands of hair

A pair of scissors


1) Cut out the parts of cuff and leg from an old sock.

2) Cut 2 small holes on the 2 sides of the cuff, just a little bit below elastic band of the cuff. These would be the armholes of the vest top.


3) Tie a rubber band just right below each armhole.


4) A vest top is finished.

P1030283 P1030281-1

Variation: Only cut out one armhole and use a sock with longer leg part to make it a dress. Tie one elastic band below the armhole and create an one-shoulder style dress.


Next week, I would continue to post another dress for Barbie doll using a sock. That one was made by me and Ms. Little Porky together, guarantee that you would like it too.

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2 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 67 – Doll’s Dress Made with Sock 2

  1. Jamie

    That is so cool!! I love how you can make your own clothes out of some you don’t need anymore. This lets the kids be super creative and know that they can make what they want and not have to only use the super expensive things sold at the store! Those are SOOOO out of style anyway! 🙂


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