TBC Crafters 66 – Doll’s Dress made with Sock

I bet that every family with kids would have a lot of single socks, ripped socks, old socks that your kids have outgrown from. What would you do to these socks? Donate them to thrifty stores? Hands down to other families with kids? Used them as utility towels to wipe down dirt? Or simply just throw away? If you have a daughter who loves to play with her Barbie doll, you should take a look of this project that I made some time ago with my baby Porky. Because of writing this post, I made a new dress for Porky’s Barbie doll tonight with Porky’s favorite Hello Kitty sock that she has outgrown from and it also has a small hole at the bottom, plus we have lost one of the pair.

To make a dress using a sock, I only need a sock and a pair of scissors, maybe a small rubber band that is used to tie Porky’s hair.


To start…..

1) Use the scissors to cut out 3 pieces of fabric from the sock, one on the top and two on the upper sides to form the collar and the arm holes.


2) Pull the sock on the body of Barbie doll. If the dress is kind of loose on Barbie, tie a small rubber band on the waist to make it better fit on Barbie’s body. But it is optional, depend on your “design”.


3) Optional decoration – embellishment such as adhesive sparkle, bead, etc. Porky even braid Barbie’s hair to add a statement.

P1030245-1You can use sock with patterns or just plain color sock. I showed Porky how to make the first dress, she made much more herself. Now, her Barbie has a whole wardrobe of dresses, tops, skirts and even vest jacket.

P1030240-1I would show some variations of dresses, skirts and tops in the next weeks. If you have a daughter who loves to make new clothes for her Barbie dolls, come back in next weeks.

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