TBC Crafters 65 – Handbag Upcycled from Toddler Shorts

I have saved some of my children’s old clothes, prepare to give away or donate to Salvation Army. One of the little toddler shorts caught my eyes, my daughter used to love that pair of shorts. I still remember that she wore it to Gilroy Garden and they were perfect for the hot weather. With a little bit of sewing and creative juice, I made the pants into a handbag which my daughter can use it to store stuff when she goes out. She said that it is perfect for carrying her ballet shoes. Yes, actually it fits quite a bit of stuffs.

P1030178.JPG-1 P1030175-1

Materials needed:

A pair of toddler pants

Ribbons or strips used as handles

Decorating embellishment (I used a piece of ribbon to make a bow plus a stick-on bling

Needles, threads and scissors

Step-by-step Instructions:

1) Cut off the bottom part (the legs) of the toddler pants.


2) Start running stitches and sew the bottom opening together at the reverse side first. It would be the bottom of the handbag.


3) Flip over and run another line of stitches to strengthen the bottom of the handbag. The handbag is half done.

P1030164 P1030165

4) Fold the 2 corners of the handbag towards the middle and secure with stitches.


5) Decorate the handbag with a bow made by a piece of ribbon and a stick-on bling in the middle of the bow. You can make a fabric flower or a feltie or whatever embellishment you like to personalize the handbag. Just make it “yours”!


6) The next step is to add the handles. I used 2 pieces of linen strips from a shopping bag (seriously, they are just perfect length, perfect width and perfect strength!). Tie a knot on each end of the strips and sew them on to the opening sides of the handbag. (Why tying a knot? It is tougher and the stitches can secure the strips on the handbag fabric better)

P1030172 P1030174

7) Now you have an unique personalized handbag for the little lady.


My daughter like her new handbag and she show it off to her brother and father. This week is the last week of school before Summer vacation. The 5th graders are talking about what to wear in the graduation ceremony. My girl told me that she is going to carry this handbag in her 5th grade graduation but she is not a 5th grader yet. Hopefully she would still find it fashionable some time later.

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8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 65 – Handbag Upcycled from Toddler Shorts

  1. satrntgr

    That is adorable!! What a great way to reuse clothes that no longer fit, etc. These would be perfect for beach trips, or for just being a diva!! Love it!


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