TBC Crafters 64 – Thank You Notes Album for Teacher Appreciation

It has been 7 months that I have not updated my blog on crafts. During the “off” time, I was very busy but I or my children had done quite a bit of different crafts, just had some much going on … laptop broke down (I have lost some of my pictures although I have back up some of them in an external drive), kids’ crazy school and activities schedules, visits of different siblings, left feet hurt, shoulder and arms hurt …. just did not able to sit down and write something. OK, I have decided to resume blogging and hopefully I can keep this blog up, at least once every week on blogging art and craft projects.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. In my children’s school, PTA asked parents from each classroom to help out on creating a Thank You notes album. The PTA parents sent out a secret packet to each kid with a note to the parents to help out the kid to write a thank you note to his/her teacher. After the notes have been turned in, one of the parents from each class would help to put the notes into an album. The album will be given to the teacher after the Teacher Appreciation lunch today. Unfortunately, some note cards were too big and the kids wrote from one side to another side of the cards. Trimming the cards might not work that well. Plus some classes only turned in only a few pieces. The idea of a lot of “thank you” did not work well. I used some color paper stocks and made an album to hold all the notes. My children were so excited to help out.



Thick color paper (cut into 5″ long x 12″ wide rectangle strips, then fold into half)

Pattern paper for the cover (cut out 2 pieces of 5″ long x 6″ wide rectangles and 1 piece of 5″ long x 1″ wide strip for each album)

Double-side adhesive tapes

Ribbons (I used 2 pieces of 7/8″ wide x 10″ long ribbons for each album, small strips of 3/8″ wide ribbons)

Stickers/Stamps & inks/Embellishments (depends on design)


1) Cut out 5″ x 12″ color paper stocks and fold in half, put a strip of double-side adhesive tape on one of the outer sides of the paper stock. Attach another folded paper stock on it and repeat the same until you have sufficient “faces” of paper panels to put/hold your thank you note cards. Save one or two pages in the front of the album. I used rubber stamps and ink to create some fun messages for the receiving teacher.

P1020828 P1020831P1020857

2) For some of the cards which were written on both side, I attached a small strip of 3/8″ ribbon on one side of the thank you card. Teacher can flip the card over to read the reverse side.

P1020833-1 P1020834-1

3) For standard single-side cards, just use double side adhesive tapes to stick the cards on the album. Use stamps, inks and markers to add extra message in need.


4) Cut out 2 pieces of 5″ long x 6″ wide pattern paper for front and back covers of the album. Prepare 2 strips of 7/8″ wide x 10″ long ribbons.


5) Put double-side adhesive taps on 4 sides of the front and back covers of the album, attach one side of the ribbons in the middle of the covers. Stick the pattern paper on the front and back covers.

P1020843 P1020846

6) Use a piece of tape to hold the “backbone” of album. Use the 5″ long x 1″ wide pattern paper on top to give extra hold.

P1020847 P1020848

7) Tie the ribbons into a bow and cut the ends of the ribbons, hit sealed with a lighter.


8) Use sticker letters to put the teacher’s last name on the front cover. Done!


I let my children to help out – folding paper, peeling off the adhesive tapes, passing over the sticker letters… My daughter complained that she wanted to help out more…. maybe next year she can help out more.

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