TBC Crafters 63 – Feltie Handbags for Dolls

This week, I am going to continue showing my kids’ “little projects”. I call these “little projects” because : 1) My kids are little in my eyes (moms would understand what I mean, really wish that they could be that little forever), 2) The stuff that they made are for “little” dolls and 3) The stuff are mini in sizes = little!

To us adults, these little stuff are easy to make but for a 8 years old boy and a 7 years old girl, the efforts they put in were not “little”. We adults possibly spend 5 minutes and my kids have spent more than double of time. But, they did it and actually did very well. Using needles and threads helps to improve co-ordination of eyes and hands. In fact, this project was initiated by my daughter and my son. They told me what they would like to make. My son even searched in my craft supplies box and looked for the felt scraps.


Ingredients: –

Felt pieces of whatever colors you like

Strings, I used Chinese knotting thread cords


Needles and threads


How to make? (I did not take pictures step by step because I had to supervise my 2 little ones but I can say that this is a very simple sewing project for kids)

1) Cut 2 pieces of felt of the same color. For the half-circle yellow handbags, cut 2 pieces of circle from a piece of felt. Then cut off a small part from one piece of felt. For the square handbag, cut a piece of square and a piece of rectangle (a piece longer than the square but with the same width).


2) Use needle and threads to run stitches on the sides of the 2 felt pieces to connect them together to form the base of the handbag.

3) Stitch the piece of string on the 2 sides of the handbag to make the strap for the doll to carry on his/her shoulder.

4) Fold the flap down and use scissors to make a cut on it. The cut needs to be big enough for the button to go through.

5) Use needle and threads to attach the button on the front of the handbag. Make sure that the button matches the position of the cut on the flap.


My kids sew the handbag and I helped out to put the handbag straps and button on. I am proud of my kids, particularly my son who showed high interests. This handbag idea is his original idea. He is kind of worry that his classmates would tease him if he tell them that he loves sewing. I told him that many of the great seamstresses and tailors are men. His two eyes showed shock and eagerness. I cannot wait for their next creative ideas.

Do you have a kid who loves sewing? Can you share what would they like to sew?


8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 63 – Feltie Handbags for Dolls

  1. satrntgr

    Love this – what talent those little hands have. I started cross-stitching at about 8 and it really helped teach me patience and get a knack for detail. Beautiful job kids!! Pinned & Tweeted this one!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      Definitely it helps to train patient and concentration. My mom was a stay-at-home dressmaker. She taught me how to sew since I was 7. Then, I could fix the ripped pants and clothes of the family. Mom could focus on her works. I thank my mom to introduce me to the wonderful sewing world early.

  2. Rose Powell

    I love these, this is a great crafts for training little hands. I loved working on projects like this with my eldest daughter, really taught her hand eye coordination and she loved the results of her labor. FAB!


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