TBC Crafters 61 – Mid-Autumn Festival Paper Lantern

Next Monday is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or someone call it Moon Festival or Moon Cake Festival. It is the most important festival of Chinese culture other than Lunar New Year and Winter Solstice. Chinese traditional festival usually relates to food. It is because there are certain kinds of food we Chinese eat in a particular festive season or day. For Mid-Autumn Festival, the featured food is Moon Cake. It involves a lot of processes and preparation which should be started one and half months ago. No kidding! It is! Salted eggs and molasses require more than a month to finish. Other than moon cakes, pomelo, trapa, starfruit and whole fish in sweet & sour sauce are some of the common food for Mid-Autumn Festival. When I was a kid, Mid-Autumn Festival means long weekend and chance to go out to play at night. Every kid would carry a lantern lit by a candle at night. There were many patterns and forms of lanterns. Most of them were made of paper and colored wax paper. In Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion. Members who work or study out town would come back home to spend time with the family. The celebration usually runs for 3 days, the 14th of August in Lunar Chinese calendar (called Welcome the Moon), the 15th (Mid-Autumn Festival and also called Appreciate the Moon) and the 16th (called Chasing After the Moon). The moon during this period of time is a beautiful full moon and the lanterns would be hanged up as decoration.

Okay, I am going to make a paper lantern with recycled materials and it is a simple craft that kids can definitely make it with little help from adults.



Toilet paper roll

Colored or pattern paper x 2, one is the same size of the toilet paper roll, 2nd one needs to be about 1-inch longer in height and a bit longer in length.

Double-side adhesive tape

Paper and scissors, needles and threads


How to make it????

1) Cut out a piece of colored paper which is the same size of the outer area of the toilet paper roll. Use the color paper to wrap around the toilet paper roll.


2) Cut another piece of paper (I used pattern paper to create the contrast) which is about 1 inch in height more than the toilet paper roll.



3) Turn to the back of the pattern paper, fold it in half. Leave some space of the sides of the toilet paper roll. Use scissors to make parallel cuts in the middle part of the paper, leave the top and bottom intact.



4) Open up the pattern paper stick its 2 sides on the top and bottom parts of the toilet paper roll by using double-side adhesive tapes.



5) Use some needles and threads to make a handle which you can hang it up somewhere.




Do you like it? I like it and so do my kids. They have already asked for making this one as their next arts and crafts project. Hope you a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival and don’t forget to pick up some moon cakes, prepare some fruits and to enjoy your time with the family during this home-coming family friendly festival on next Monday!

See you next time! I really love to see your lanterns if you are planning to make some.


5 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 61 – Mid-Autumn Festival Paper Lantern

  1. juliescentsy

    Wow, these are adorable! I love them as a party decoration idea, plus they look pretty inexpensive to make! Thank you for the idea of adding LED lights to make it even more interactive! I appreciate the inspiration!


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