TBC Crafters 60 – Key Rings Bracelet

I bought a big bag of key rings to make key chains for kids’ classmates as kindergarten graduation goodies. There are quite a bit of key rings left and I try to utilize them for something fun. Some months ago, my daughter learned how to use washers and ribbons to make bracelet or necklace.I borrowed the idea but using key rings which are comparatively less heavier than washers. The steps mentioned below are somewhat complicated but once you master the concept, you would find it not difficult at all.

P1000264-1  P1000258-1


Key rings, depends on how skinny your wrist is, I would suggest to use 3-5 rings for bracelet

Ribbons, I use 24-inch long of 1″ wide satin ribbon, double-side satin ribbon looks better but single side is still fine.

And some time and effort


How to make it?

1) Start with 2 key rings, run the ribbon through the 2 key rings, ring 1 and ring 2. Run the ribbon through ring 2 from the side of ring 1.

P1000241-1 P1000243-1

2) Pull the ribbon through ring 2 and the position of ring 1 and ring 2 switched.

P1000244-1 P1000245-1

3) Run the ribbon on the left hand side through ring 1. Flip it and the 2 rings are well-positioned.

P1000248-1 P1000249-1

3) Add the 3rd ring and run the ribbon through ring 2.

P1000252-1 P1000253-1

4) It was almost done. Pull the ribbon flat and ring 3 is showing but not neat enough. Take the ribbon and run it through ring 3 itself. If you are making a 3-rings bracelet, you are done!

P1000254-1 P1000255-1

5) Tie a bow or knot and you can wear this lovely bracelet.

I considered the washers are too heavy, particularly when I made it as a necklace. These key rings are much lighter than washers but if you use a lot, it can be heavy too. That is why I suggested 3-5 key rings for bracelet above.

Basically, anything round with a hole in middle can be used. This time, I tried the key rings and the outcome was pretty nice. Do you have any idea what other materials using the same concept can be used to make something new and nice that you have not imagined before?


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