TBC Crafters 59 – Box Guitar

Again, I would like to put my son’s craft under the spotlight this week. I am so surprised that he made it almost all by himself, I only help to make the cuts on the box for him as it involved using a cutter which I do not approve him to do yet. However, the idea is 100% his and original, I did not even see how he made him. Therefore, I can only take picture of the final product. When I asked him what it is (honestly speaking, I could not tell by looking at it), he said that it was a guitar. As a kid, I would not expect my son to make something perfect. I appreciate his imagination and creativity. This box guitar makes sound although you cannot really call it music.


Ingredients: –

A box, my son used one of my gift box that stored my earrings

A piece of Popsicle stick

Transparent adhesive tapes

Some rubber bands, daughter has a lot from his Rainbow Loom kit

How to make it?

1) Use a cutter to make a cut that can fit in a popsicle stick on one side of the box. Use transparent adhesive tape to fasten the popsicle stick on the box.

2) My son used the transparent adhesive tape to wrap around the box.

3) Use a cutter to make a rectangular cut in the middle of the box.

4) Wrap sever rubber bands around the box and adjust the distance among each one to create the base of making “music”.

P1000214-1   P1000211-1

I think that it is amazing. What do you think? Do your kids have made re-purposed crafts with unused materials? Can you share with me?


2 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 59 – Box Guitar

  1. roseapowell

    Um, if that previous comment went through,please delete. Trying to do ten things at once before my day gets crazy and its not working.

    This is very creative and the size of it is totally adorable. My kids created one out of a large gatorade bottle a few years ago, I wish I had their creative mind!


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