TBC Crafters 58 – Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

I was so wrapped these days, busy at work, kids on vacation and were bored at home, camera broken and waiting for the new ordered one to be mailed to me. My kids were particularly attach to me, they just did not let me have a second of “me” time. Totally understand! I would like to stay with my mom and dad when I was on vacations but they did not really had day off in those old days. My dad worked 363 days a year! No kidding! He only had 2 days off every year, those were Chinese New Year and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. He had his own little store and he earned no money if he took vacation. With 7 people in the family, dad needed to work hard. My mom stayed home as a full-time seamstress which was very common in the old days. I and my siblings could see my mom at home but most of the time she was working. I helped out on housework, even helped her sewing when she needed to prepare meals. Thanks to my mom that I learned using sewing machine and cooking before I turned 10 years old.

I am a full-time working mom now and I cannot see my kids during my work hours. Therefore, I particularly treasure the moment that I stay with them. This week, I did not have time to craft but want to show what my kids have done to re-purpose cardboard boxes.



Cardboard boxes

Scissors and cutter (mom’s or dad’s help needed)

Lots of time and patience

No detailed instructions can be shown this time as I was too busy giving verbal and physical instructions to the 2 little ones. But I guarantee that it is simple and easy.

Dear son’s airplane for Barbie

P1000050-1 P1000053-1

– Use a cutter to make cuts on the box and insert the wings and tail of the plane. Cut the winds and tail from another cardboard box.

– Cut a window on the top of the plane, open it and Barbie can sit on the plane.

Dear daughter’s castle for Barbie


– It is even simpler, just use a pair of scissors to cut out the shape of the castle.

– Mom helped out to use the cutter to cut out windows and the front door. Done!

Do your kids craft with cardboard boxes? What have they made? Love to see or hear what your kids have made with these boxes and please share with me.



2 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 58 – Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

  1. satrntgr

    I love it – make something from something you already have. Makes me remember when I was younger and our favorite toy was a cardboard box!!! Pinned & tweeted!!


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