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TBC Crafters 60 – Key Rings Bracelet

I bought a big bag of key rings to make key chains for kids’ classmates as kindergarten graduation goodies. There are quite a bit of key rings left and I try to utilize them for something fun. Some months ago, my daughter learned how to use washers and ribbons to make bracelet or necklace.I borrowed the idea but using key rings which are comparatively less heavier than washers. The steps mentioned below are somewhat complicated but once you master the concept, you would find it not difficult at all.

P1000264-1  P1000258-1

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TBC Crafters 59 – Box Guitar

Again, I would like to put my son’s craft under the spotlight this week. I am so surprised that he made it almost all by himself, I only help to make the cuts on the box for him as it involved using a cutter which I do not approve him to do yet. However, the idea is 100% his and original, I did not even see how he made him. Therefore, I can only take picture of the final product. When I asked him what it is (honestly speaking, I could not tell by looking at it), he said that it was a guitar. As a kid, I would not expect my son to make something perfect. I appreciate his imagination and creativity. This box guitar makes sound although you cannot really call it music.


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TBC Crafters 58 – Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

I was so wrapped these days, busy at work, kids on vacation and were bored at home, camera broken and waiting for the new ordered one to be mailed to me. My kids were particularly attach to me, they just did not let me have a second of “me” time. Totally understand! I would like to stay with my mom and dad when I was on vacations but they did not really had day off in those old days. My dad worked 363 days a year! No kidding! He only had 2 days off every year, those were Chinese New Year and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. He had his own little store and he earned no money if he took vacation. With 7 people in the family, dad needed to work hard. My mom stayed home as a full-time seamstress which was very common in the old days. I and my siblings could see my mom at home but most of the time she was working. I helped out on housework, even helped her sewing when she needed to prepare meals. Thanks to my mom that I learned using sewing machine and cooking before I turned 10 years old.

I am a full-time working mom now and I cannot see my kids during my work hours. Therefore, I particularly treasure the moment that I stay with them. This week, I did not have time to craft but want to show what my kids have done to re-purpose cardboard boxes.


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