TBC Crafters 57 – July 4th Paper Pinwheel

It’s July 4th today and it is never too late to make this simple paper pinwheel. My son saw it in the morning and he stared at it for a little while, then he took it and said to me, “thank you mommy!” He already knows that it is for him. Daughter wants it too but since she has the pom pom hairtie, this is the turn for her brother.

This is a very simple project that even kids can do it, just need some assistance if your kids are young as we need a pearl-head pin which is sharp on one end.


Materials needed: –

– Square-shaped Origami paper, blue, red and white in colors

– A pearl-head pin

– A straw which bends on one side

– A star-shaped punch

– a bead (use the plastic type for making necklaces for girls is fine)

– Adhesive tapes and scissors


(this picture shows a bobby pin but I found it easier to use a pearl-head pin instead)

How to make it?

1) Use double side adhesive tape to stick the blue and red Origami paper together back to back.

2) Fold the Origami paper 2 times diagonally.


3) Use a pair of scissors to cut the paper along the creases but not to cut it through, leave some space in the middle of the paper.

4) Put a piece of double side adhesive tape or glue on the center of the paper. Fold the sides of the 4 cut panels of the paper into the center and stick well.

P1230071-1  P1230073-1

5) Use a star-shaped punch to punch out some stars in white and stick them on the pinwheel.


6) Poke the pearl-head pin through the middle of the pinwheel. Add a bead at the back of the pinwheel then tie the pin to the bend straw using tape.

P1230076-1  P1230078-1

Done! And now wait for the wind to blow.


Hope you have a wonderful July 4th holiday and see you until next time.

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4 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 57 – July 4th Paper Pinwheel

  1. Owen's Mom

    Cute pinwheels! I just made some with my kids and they were a huge hit. I think I went through 3 packs of straws till I found the right size to let mine spin well. Thanks for sharing. Always fun to see new variations for a great classic.

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      LOL, yes, it is the straw that is crucial for this project. I used the straw that comes with the boxed drinks. The only drawback is that the straw is a bit short but you can just insert a skewer stick into the straw. In fact, I used a pencil instead of a straw before, those with a eraser on the top. It worked fine too.

  2. Jamie

    Love it – adorable!! Could be used all year long. Where do you find Origami paper? I can never find it where I live and would love to be able to use that for some crafts!! 🙂


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