TBC Crafters 56 – July 4th PomPom Hairtie

Time to work on July 4th related post! Last year, I made paper firework. This year, I start with a July 4th theme pompom hairtie. I have seen tons of Youtube videos on making a pompom hair bow. Some Youtubers named it a loopy hair bow. To me, hairtie would be more useful for my daughter’s hairstyles. What I have to add is just a hair band.


Materials needed

3/8″ Ribbons of 3 colors (red, white and blue)

Rubber hair band

A small piece of felt

Needle & threads




How to make it?

1) Cut 8 pieces of 2.5″ long from each color of ribbons


2) Run the lighter on each cut side of the ribbon piece to avoid ripping

3) Fold the pieces of ribbons in half and use a needle with thread to attach each piece of ribbon together.

P1230001-1   P1230002-1

4) Attach the finished pompom to a piece of felt. Use another small piece of felt to hold the rubber hair band with the pompom. I use white thread on black felt piece for easy demonstration, suggest to use matching color of threads and felt.

P1230003-1   P1230004-1



Hope you enjoy the post of this week and see you next time!

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