TBC Crafters 55 – Chinese Style of Gift-Wrapping

I saw a similar one in Facebook but I cannot find the photo/post any more, far too many updates in Facebook each day. I totally fall in love for its Chinese elements. The materials need can be easily found in my home. It only took me a few minutes to finish. Yes! No kidding! It only takes little effort and time to make it. And the outcome is very nice and impressive.


Materials: –

2 pieces of origami paper, I used the size of 4.6 inches x 4.6 inches

1 piece of Chinese knotting thread cord



Step by Step instructions: –

1) Fold one of origami paper in half 2 times to form a square, then fold in half diagonally 2 times.


2) Use a pair of scissors to cut some patterns on the origami paper. I cut it randomly, do not use any template hence each gift-wrapping is unique.

P1220906-1  P1220907-1

3) Put the pattern-cut origami paper on top of another one which has not been cut. Use the Chinese knotting thread cord to wrap the package with the 2 origami paper on the top, then tie a bow knot in the center of the gift package.

And it is done! Simple, fast and unique!


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6 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 55 – Chinese Style of Gift-Wrapping

  1. Jamie

    Wow Maggie – that is gorgeous. Something as simple as a snowflake type craft, yet amazing and so sophisticated. Who knew cutting a piece of paper could look that good? I love it!

  2. Owen's Mom

    That is a unique and beautiful way to personalize each gift! Thank you for the fabulous idea. I have a lot of birthdays this Summer and this will be useful.


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