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TBC Crafters 56 – July 4th PomPom Hairtie

Time to work on July 4th related post! Last year, I made paper firework. This year, I start with a July 4th theme pompom hairtie. I have seen tons of Youtube videos on making a pompom hair bow. Some Youtubers named it a loopy hair bow. To me, hairtie would be more useful for my daughter’s hairstyles. What I have to add is just a hair band.


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TBC Crafters 55 – Chinese Style of Gift-Wrapping

I saw a similar one in Facebook but I cannot find the photo/post any more, far too many updates in Facebook each day. I totally fall in love for its Chinese elements. The materials need can be easily found in my home. It only took me a few minutes to finish. Yes! No kidding! It only takes little effort and time to make it. And the outcome is very nice and impressive.


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TBC Crafters 54 – Button & Bead Hairties

Skipped for two weeks… because of my allergy and busy work. I lost the push to make something although I had several ideas in mind. This week, I pick up myself with a super easy and simple one. I can finish one within a minute, no kidding and you can try to see if I have lied. Ingredients are simple too. If you have long hair or you have a daughter with long hair, you possibly don’t even have to buy anything. Let’s start!


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