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TBC Crafters 53 – Simple Bead Bracelet

My daughter is really into beading. She loves it so much and she has created so many bracelets and necklaces.┬áThis piece was inspired by her. This bracelet is a very simple one, do not need any hardware or loop or hook or clip. If you have beads and some Chinese knotting thread cords, you are ready to start. Yes, that’s what you need. Well, you may need a lighter to heat seal the cords, no more.


Materials needed:

Beads, suggests to use 3 different colors, one of the colors needs double quantity of the 2 others ( I used 14 yellow beads, 7 orange and 7 purple for this project)

Chinese knotting thread cord, the length of your wrist + extra length to make knots (about 5 inches)

Lighter, for heat-sealing the thread cord


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