TBC Crafters 51 – Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Easter is so close but too bad there is no holiday in USA. I miss the old days living in Hong Kong. There are 17 public holidays in 2014 and there are 3 consecutive days of public holidays for Easter. This week, I decided to make something for Easter. When I ask my children about Easter, they would mention Easter eggs, bunny, chicks and of course, goodies for their friends. A big bag of plastic Easter egg goodies has been prepared for each of my kids and they have brought them to school right after their Spring Break. The craft for this week is a parent-kid project of my family. I led my kids and more than half of the works was done by them. Indeed, they can do on their own with minimal guidance.


Materials needed: –

Toilet paper roll

Buttons of different sizes and colors, need 2 of the same color for the eyes, 1 for the nose and 1 bigger white one for the tail (if your bunny is not white, choose the color that matches the body)

White paper

Markers/color pens

Glue or double-side adhesive tape, scissors

Embellishments (optional)

How to craft????

1) Cut out a pair of bunny ears from white paper and color its inner part of the ears with pink or orange marker or whatever color you like.


2) Cut out a piece of white paper that is big enough to wrap around the toilet paper roll to make the bunny body. On the white paper, use adhesive tape or glue to stick the buttons on as the bunny’s eyes and nose. Use markers or color pens to add eyelashes (if it is a girl bunny), whiskers and mouth & teeth. Arrange and stick the pair of ears on top of the white paper. Add whatever embellishments you like, my son messed up the bunny then I suggested to add a little bow. My daughter added a star sparkle on the bow.


3) Use double-side adhesive tape to stick the bunny body on the toilet paper roll. You can use glue if you like, whatever is more convenient for you and/or the kids.



4) Stick the white button at the back of the paper roll to make the bunny tail. And the bunny to ready to hop!!!!!


My kids decided to make a Muppet show with the 2 bunnies as the main characters. They used a lot of props such as the RC jeep, the set of teapot and teacups, toy tools… The story was so “imaginary” and brought me so much fun. They even “made” me taking video of the show. But since they needed to be excused in the middle of the show and needed to prepare props all a sudden, there is total 6 videos of different length.


I have their stuffed animals, toy dolls sitting next to me as the audience.


Thank you for watching! Please give big pause to the 2 little ones.

Hope you enjoy this craft post this week and see you until next time.

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