TBC Crafters 50 – Kids’ Clay Creation

This is my 50 posts of TBC Crafters Hop. I would like to share something done by my kids tonight. Thanks for their creativity that I can be lazy for one more weeks! :-p This is not really a craft actually, not up to the extent that it can be called a craft. Maybe I am a bit strict on this definition. OK, my kids called it a project. Both I and my hubby think that they can work together which is very  impressive and priceless to us. They are the best friends as well as the best enemies. They fight everyday but would miss each other when they are not together. Parents understand what I mean and that is what I and my hubby are willing to work hard for – they love and care each other.

Back to their “creation” – my daughter went to a field trip in an art museum today and she was given a big piece of clay. She and her brother played and played then finally came up to a plan to make a project – some clay cookies. It sounds not really special, right? Yes, it is but they add something. My son used some of the gear pieces from his broken RC cars to add “sparkles” to “the cookies”. My daughter added some real “sparkles” – her toy jewelry/gems and it is her idea.to present the cookies using her toy food tray. They were so excited to complete this “project” and see how they present the cookies in a pattern. I did not realize that until I edited the pictures and uploaded to here.




This “craft” is so simple and I did not take pictures when they were working on the project. I was in the kitchen cooking their lunch for tomorrow. I believe that the pictures are self-explanatory. Ingredients include clay, gears from toy cars, toy jewelry/gem pieces.

Hope you enjoy my kids’ creation this week and see you until next time.

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9 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 50 – Kids’ Clay Creation

  1. Dawn Pruitt

    Very creative! I love the texture they achieved by using the gears and of the course the bling is fabulous! My kids are very close in age and they were also best and worst friends when they were little. I sure do miss those days!

  2. Rose Powell

    Kids are so creative, my most creative child is a teenager now, but when she gets into something creative, its memories flooding in of her younger days. I love it when the children are inspired to create something without any guidance or direction. So fun! Love this!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      Both my kids are some sort of creative. Son joined a woodwork class and I am so impressed when I see his finished works. My daughter started drawing when she was 3 or 4 and I just gave hints but not want to teach her how to draw. I learned drawing by myself and don’t want to give any boundary to her.


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