TBC Crafters 49 – Fabric Flower Hair Tie

I took a short time off from TBC Crafters Hop and decided to have a craft post this week no matter what. I did a pretty simple and practical one. If you have a daughter with long hair, you would likely agree that it is practical. Who would complain to have more hair accessories? My daughter definitely won’t. She is always excited to see new addition to her “collection” and takes a bit of time to choose what she wants to go for every morning. I have plenty of fabric scraps, beads, ribbons, laces…. and I used these to make a hair tie for my girl.


Materials & tools needed:

Some fabric scraps, I used 2 different colors and patterns

5 pieces of beads with the same color as anthers

Tulle of whatever colors, I used hot pink

A short piece of elastic lace, I used green color to make the receptacle (optional)

A piece of elastic rubber string, long enough to make a hair tie


A marker/chalk for tracing on the fabric scraps

Needles and threads, scissors


How to make?

1) Use the DVD as the template to cut out 3 circles from the fabric scraps.


2) Cut out 4 pieces of tulle with the size a bit bigger than the fabric circles. Then assemble the fabric circles and tulle with the patterns of 1 piece of fabric circle + 2 pieces of tulle + 1 piece of fabric circle + 2 pieces of tulle + 1 piece of fabric circle.


3) Trace a smaller circle in the center on the back of the fabric circle at the bottom. I used a plastic box of Play-Doh.


4) Use needle and threads to run a straight stitch tracing the smaller circle in the center of the fabric scraps. Pull the thread and cut out a hole in the very middle, just big enough to let the elastic rubber string to go through.

P1210978-1 P1210979-1 P1210981-1

5) String the 5 beads with the elastic rubber sting and tie a knot at the end. Pull the elastic rubber string through the hole in the middle of the fabric scraps, the 5 beads would be facing the front to form the anthers. The rest of the elastic rubber string would be left on the other side of the fabric scrap flower.

P1210982-1 P1210984-1

6) Use the green elastic lace to tie on a knot at the bottom to hind the stitch and this is the receptacle. You can skip this part or use a piece of green felt instead of the elastic lace.


7) Cut off excessive tulle. Puff the tulle and fabric to make the flower stand out three-dimensional. And it is ready to be used.

P1210989-1 P1210995-1

What do you think? Anything to add? I’m tempted to make more. My daughter wore it to school today and she already requested me to make 2 more for her best friends in school.

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8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 49 – Fabric Flower Hair Tie

  1. satrntgr

    Love this!! You could even use a larger piece of elastic and use this as a bow for a gift – adorable!


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