TBC Crafters 47 – Paper Heart Flower Deco

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have too many ideas in mind, not sure which one to go first. I want to make a craft using Chinese New Year red envelopes like that in last year. I want to make a Valentine for my loved ones. I want to mix Chinese and Western elements together because it would be both Chinese Valentine’s Day and Western Valentine’s Day on the same day this year. This would not happen often and the 2 calendars are so different. Finally, I come up an idea of a hanging deco that made with paper. It is really, really, very, very Valentine’s Day. It contains hearts, sparkles, flower, ribbons….

P1210475-1   P1210482-1

What you need?

Paper, of heavier stock, origami paper does not work this time, I use thicker and heavy paper stock. Pink and red in colors

A small stripe of ribbon

A sparkled heart-shaped sticker

Double-side adhesive tape and/or glue

Scissors, needle and threads


How to do?

1) Cut out some 3/4″ paper stripes from both red and pink paper


2) Fold the paper stripe into half, open the paper stripe and put a small piece of double-side adhesive tape in the middle and stick a small part of the paper stripe together. It forms the top of the heart.

P1210453-1   P1210457-1

3) Open the paper stripe and then stick another tape at the end of the paper stripe, then stick the two ends together to form the tip of the heart.

P1210461-1   P1210462-1

4) Prepare 5 red and 5 pink hearts. Use threads and needle to hold the hearts together in the middle to form a flower.

P1210464-1   P1210466-1

5) Use glue or tape to hold the paper hearts together. Stick a glitter heart in the middle of the “flower”. Use another set of red and pink hearts plus a piece of ribbon to form the hanger.

P1210469-1   P1210479-1


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! XOXO

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