TBC Crafters 45 – Buttons Valentine

Although it is still a bit early, I want to play with my buttons after a little while. This is a very simple and easy piece, possibly the most easiest and simplest ever since I started this art & craft blog. In fact, little kids can do that with assistance from adults.



Buttons – lots of buttons! Look for different sizes which can create a better result


Glue for sticking buttons on the card

A greeting card – I cut out a piece of 6″ H x 12″ W paperstock

A stripe of ribbon – 3/8″ in width, you can use wider or narrower and whatever texture, I used grosgrain ribbon here

How to make?

1) Fold the paperstock in half.

2) Lay down the buttons to form a heart shape. You may want to mix and match buttons of different sizes and colors. The heart does not need to be perfect.


3) Glue the buttons on the greeting card. Tie a ribbon in the middle and form a bow.

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17 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 45 – Buttons Valentine

  1. Shawn Ann

    What a great idea, last year my son made a picture of a tree using buttons, it came out so cute! Love having crafts to do that involve using old buttons, I have a ton of them.

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