TBC Crafters 44 – Handmade Paper Feather

I saw a picture in a Facebook papercraft group. That woman made a card featuring 2 feathers. I think that it is good for making greeting cards, scrapbooking and making paper Indian headbands. The original version is 2 pieces of white “feathers” but I tried variations of using ink to make them colorful. The ingredients are very simple and will be available in one’s home. The feather can be ready in no time.



White paper & pencil

A pair of scissors

Ink for coloring the feathers

Step by step instructions:

1) Draw an outline of a feather on a piece of paper or you can download from the internet. There should be many templates that you can use. I drew mine and intentionally made it imperfect. On one side of the feather, draw some parallel lines from the bottom to the top of the feather, the more the detailed the feather will be.


2) Fold in half in the middle and use a pair of scissors to cut both side at one time.


3) Open the feather after finishing cutting and a feather is finished.


4) If you want a color feather, use the color ink to add color on the feather. I have tried multiple colors in one feather and color on the top part of the feather.


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9 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 44 – Handmade Paper Feather

  1. Jamie

    I have something like this saved as a craft to do in the future – however it’s with duct tape. Was it hard to cut? Do you think I could use like an Exacto knife? I love these – they look so real!! Tweeted & Pinned!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      Sorry for replying late, too busy these days. It is easy to cut, depends on what paperstock you use. These I made actually were normal A4 printing paper. Older kids with good control can make it too.


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