2014 Inspiration with Glue Dots

I take the Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge of Laura Kelly. Her inspiration of using craft supplies gives me an idea to go through my craft inventory. I pick up some of my favorites but believe me these are only not even close to 1/20 of the inventory types of my craft supplies. My daughter sees it and also wants to make one on her own. Why not?

Here is mine to enter Laura Kelly’s Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge: –



Ingredients used:-

Sparkle flakes in shapes of butterfly, heart and star

Buttons (do you notice that my other name is Button Queen? LOL)

Ribbons, the double-side satin one in golden color, the lace one in linen color

Star resins

Ribbon roses

I just need to make a frame for it to make it a 2014 New Year decoration or simply make it a greeting card by adding a card stock at the back.

Do you want to join the challenge and win some nice Glue Dots? Go take a look of Laura Kelly’s site.



5 thoughts on “2014 Inspiration with Glue Dots

  1. roseapowell

    Love it, I’m so happy that you were inspired to create your own! You ARE the button queen! Love the ribbon and lace! Congrats on winning too!


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