TBC Crafters 41 – Jelly Belly Beanie Neck Cushion

I have promised to make a jelly belly beanie cushion for my son since we visited Jelly Belly Factory during Spring Break. I know, it has been months and I still have not made it. Blame the mood swing, blame the sewing machine (I don’t even buy it yet!), blame the housework (I am lazy enough to do minimal housework), blame the blah blah blah…. honestly speaking, I am searching for a deal for a sewing machine which can definitely help out on sewing project but I am very picky so that it is still in the air. Fingers crossed for the Black Friday!

The school teachers agreed to let my son to have a comfort item in the class so that he can calm down when he is stressful or frustrated. I think that a beanie “something” would be suitable.


Material needed: –

Fabric, my son has eczema and 100% cotton is always my choice

Craft beads or other stuffing material

Needle and threads

Step by step instructions: –

1) Cut out a shape of a jelly belly bean from a piece of paper and use pin to attach it on the piece of fabric. I need 2 pieces of fabric so I fold the fabric and cut out 2 at one time.


2) Sew the 2 pieces of “jelly belly” together, right side facing right side. I use back-stitches to make sure that the beanie cushion would not rip easily.




3) Leave at least 1 inch and bring the right side of the fabric out to form a cushion pocket.



4) Pour the stuffing crafting beads into the cushion until decided fullness and stitch close the cushion bag.



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