TBC Crafters 40 – Fabric Rose

The cough has not gone yet and even my little girl is coughing, blame the weather change. I am not in full energy but feel like making something this week. Rose is my favorite flower and I really enjoy making roses with different kind of material. Fabric is one of the materials that I like to use to make flowers, particularly roses. The fabric rose can be used to decorate clothes or to make hair/clothing accessories. This one is simple and you can make a rose of any size.


Materials needed: –

Fabric, I used cotton this time, suggest to use thinner fabric for easy sewing

Threads and needle


Circle template, optional, you can use whatever in round shape

Step-by-step Instructions: –

1) Use the circle template to cut out 8 circles from the piece of fabric, all the same size. I have some templates that I use to make fabric buttons. This time, I used the one for the button of 27mm in diameter.



2) Fold the circle in half and run stitches on the size of the round side. Overlap a little bit with the current circle when a new piece of fabric circle is added, until all 8 circles are sewn together into one line.


3) Pull the thread and all 8 circles are “wrinkled” to form petals of the rose. Do not need to pull too tight as it would affect the outlook of the rose.


4) Roll the petals to form a “whirl” and “fix” the petals at the bottom once the form of the rose looks good to you.



5) A fabric rose is “born” and you can use it as embellishment for clothing and hair accessories.


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