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TBC Crafters 39 – Pillowcase Skirt Set

My daughter wants to be a Chinese dancer for Halloween this year. Being so busy recently, I am not able to spend too much time on preparation. Also, I don’t have a sewing machine (decide to get one in this Black Friday and fingers crossed for a good one at affordable price), every sewing project is a  big one for me. Imagine how many stitches I would need to make for a dress, not considering the complicated embroideries yet. To make this project simple, I made a very simple skirt and a matching hairpiece. Daughter can wear a sweater that matches the color theme, especially the weather gets cold these days.



Fabric of your choice, depends on how long you want the skirt to be and how tall how fat of the kid (I made it just a few inches below the kneels for easy walking/running)

Ribbons of various colors

A crochet headband

A fabric shabby flower (I choose one that matches the color of the skirt)

Elastic band for garment

Of course, needles, threads and scissors


1) Cut out a long rectangle shape of fabric and fold over to the side and stitch the side together to form a long “ring” and the skirt is half-completed.


2) Fold down the top of the fabric, about 1 inch and stitch on the back of the fabric, leave about 1 inch without closing. Measure the waistline of the kid and cut an elastic band that long enough to wrap about the waist. Leave about 2 inches for making a knot.


3) Decorate the dress with a fabric shabby flower and ribbons. Ribbons need to be long enough to hanging down to the bottom of the skirt.

P1190919-1 P1190922-1

4) For the hairpiece, use a crochet headband and tie a few stripe of ribbons on it. Again, the ribbons should be a bit long to hang on the side to match the dress.

P1190924-1 P1190927-1

It is not a perfect skirt but definitely a unique one that nobody would get the same one. The little model is asleep now and I cannot wait to see her wearing it tomorrow. Too bad that I cannot attend the school parade tomorrow as I need to work full day.

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TBC Crafters 38 – Origami Windmill

This is not my original creation. I learned it from an arts & crafts workshop in the library last Saturday. The workshop was designed for kids 6 years old + and there were quite a bit of teenagers and adults participated. This piece is one of the most inspirational ones and every kids liked it. There is no complicated skill required. Little kid may have difficulty in assembling but it is fun to make this windmill.


Materials required:
Origami paper x 8 pieces (in square shape), prefer in at least 2 colors, 4 each color
And a pair of crafty hands with wonderful fingers!


Step by step instructions:
1) Fold a horizontal crease, then a vertical crease.



2) Fold a diagonal crease from each side of the paper.



3) Open the paper and there is total 4 lines of creases on the paper.


4) Flip the paper over and fold 2 corners to the center from one side of the paper. Then, fold down the paper horizontally and the 2 corners are wrapped inside.



5) Push the other side of the paper down and bring the middle into the inside. It forms one flip of the windmill.


6) Fold all the square origami paper into the part of step 5. Make 8 flips.


7) Assembling the flips to form a ring which can turn into a 8-flip windmill. Hold the flip with the closed end on one side and insert the closed end of another flip into the opened end of the first flip.


8) Press the excess parts of the first flip and wrap them on the open pocket on the side. Repeat the same until all 8 flips are connected like a ring.



9) Carefully pull each of the flips out and form a windmill.


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TBC Crafters 37 – Lucky Stars Wish Jar

These paper lucky stars were once very hot when I was in high school. They were first seen in a drama series. The main male character made these for a girl that he loved in the drama. No more than a week, every boy and girl was folding these lucky stars in school. Since then, many boys and girls received a big jar of lucky stars made by their admirers. Some specialty stores sold these wish jars including stars inside but handmade with all the love makes these lucky stars wish jars so special and be hot for so many years.


I have made these for a boy many years ago. I even wrote my wish and blessings on every piece of paper before I folded them into stars. Those good old days……so silly……and so sweet……


Paper strips, I cut a A4 paper into 16 strips, magazine paper makes the best stars, not too thick but not too soft and perfect stars can be made easy

Small jar, remember if you pick a big jar, you need a lot of stars to fill it up

Ribbon for decoration

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Tie a knot at one end of the paper strip


2) Fold and wrap the paper strip

P1190769-1 P1190771-1

3) Tug the end of the paper strip underneath the body of the star

P1190772-1 P1190773-1

4) Use fingers to press on the sides of the stars and poof it up into a star


5) Put stars and some thin paper strips or other embellishments into the jar, decorate it with a ribbon bow

P1190766-1 P1190790-1

6) Make a wish and present to your loved one!

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