TBC Crafters 36 – Simple Paper Bookmark

Recently, I am so busy at work and kids’ activities. It made me so tired and could not pick myself up to focus on crafting. The craft for this week is a very simple one, I swear, so simple that my kids can make it. The 2 little ones just have their field trips to the public library nearby the school. Indeed, we used to go to library every weekend and brought back so many books and DVDs.

I love reading since I was a little kid, loved to stay in school library in recess and lunch time. Even now, I like to read when I am in a bus but usually read via a Smartphone. But, I still love to read a physical book. When you talk about reading, bookmark is essential. In middle school, I would make personalized bookmarks for classmates as gifts.


Some color paper, 2 different colors

Some card stock paper, any color

Ribbon or/and Chinese knotting thread

Paper Punches

Glue/double-side adhesive tapes


1) Use paper punches to punch out flower-shaped and snowflake-shaped paper, I used pink for flowers and white for snowflakes (to pretend to be centers of flowers).

2) Glue/stick the snowflakes on flowers, each of them looks like a cherry blossom.

3) Cut a small piece card stock paper and arrange the cherry blossoms on top, glue them on top of the card stock paper.

4) Punch a hole at one of the top corner of the card stock paper. Tie a ribbon through the hole. Or, use a Chinese knotting thread to replace the ribbon.

You can use whatever patterns or shapes to replace the cherry blossoms.

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