TBC Crafters 35 – Paper Cup Flavor Box

Crafty Thursday again! I took a rest of 2 weeks and decided that I have to force myself to put something up. Otherwise, I would be in a mood swing and may take another week off. I was busy at work and at home. My daughter just turned 6 and I have to prepare flavors for her birthday party. However, I indeed was so wrapped at work and too tired to make complicated things like the earlier years. I instead made a very simple flavor box to store some little goodies.


Paper cup

Some lace stickers

Some pattern paper (I used the one with birthday cakes on)

Some sparkles

Some tulle

Scissors, glue or adhesive tapes

Step by step instructions:

1) Make 4 cuts on the paper cups and don’t cut all the way to the bottom, just about 1/3 to half way, depends on how much stuff you need to put into the cup.

2) Flip the 4 parts of the paper cup down and lock in as shown in below picture.

3) Decorate the cup/box with lace stickers, pattern paper and sparkles. Fold a piece of tulle and stuff it into the middle opening of the box.

Well, remember to put the goodies into the box before you close and lock the 4 flips.

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