TBC Crafters 33 – Hanger Hairclips Holder

I have mentioned in the past that my daughter has a lot of hair accessories. Most of them are made by me and some are gifts from my friends or relatives. Many of the hairclips are made with flowers, resins or bows, they are not flat and should not put under pressure. It would damage the hairclips. I saw a picture in FB that shows someone bend some metal hangers into the shape of a cloud. It inspires me of this craft for this week. It is a repurpose project to turn an old rusting hanger into a beautiful hairclips holder. My daughter likes the colors of rainbow and I think that a cloud hanger matches the rainbow hairclips holder.

Materials required: –

A spare hanger

Some 1.5″ wide ribbons of the rainbow colors (I only have red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)”

Glue or double adhesive tape

A tin can (to help bending the hanger)

Embellishments (I used a ribbon of golden color and the napkin rings that I made before) for decoration

Step by step instructions: –

1) Use a tin can to help shaping the hanger and bend it into the shape of a cloud.

2) Cut the rainbow color ribbons (about 36″ long each, length of the ribbons depend on your preference.

3) Use glue or double-side adhesive tapes to “hang” the color ribbons on the bottom part of the hanger.

4) Decorate it with extra ribbon or embellishment.

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