TBC Crafters 32 – Eggs Carton Flowers

I originally made another one (should say two, indeed I have made two other crafts before I made this one) for the TBC Crafters Hop this week. However, I am not 100% satisfied with the outcomes, not bad but just not feeling excited to post them. They are fun and adorable ones but just not feel like posting them, maybe too simple and not many people know the functions of them. Never mind, I saw an empty eggs carton box on top of the garbage bag and I suddenly remember a picture that I saw somewhere (not sure if it was on Facebook or Pinterest) before. I decided to work on this craft project although it was already 10pm at night, just have the passion to make it.

All the materials are available in my home. See what you would need to make a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Materials needed: –

An empty egg carton box

Pipe cleaners

A piece of ribbon (optional)


Step by Step Instructions: –

1) Clean the empty eggs carton box. Cut off the flip cover, you only need the bottom part of the box.

2) Cut out each of the cup of the bottom box. I used a dozen egg carton box, I cut out a dozen of cups which would be the flowers.

3) Use a pair of scissors to cut out the petals of a flower. It is easier than I expected, maybe because the box I used is a thin foam one.

4) Use a strip of pipe cleaner to poke a hole at the bottom of the cup and flip down a bit to form the stigma of a flower. And the rest of the pipe cleaner becomes the stem of the flower.

5) After completing all the cups, you can either tie all of them with a ribbon to make a bouquet or put them in a small vase as decoration.

I used the foam box. If it was a paper box, I could dye the flowers with some color ink.

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12 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 32 – Eggs Carton Flowers

  1. roseapowell

    You’re killing me with all of these adorable flowers you’ve been making, love it! Isabella would like to make these flowers! You could even color them with markers and paint!


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