TBC Crafters 31 – Recycled Markers Station

I have started drawing again and making cards & scrapbooks recently. One of my fellow crafters informed me of a sale from a closing site, I bought so much scrapbook supplies. Since I have not drawn for years, I did not even have color pencils or markers. However, Copic Markers are so expensive. I bought some Prismacolor markers. And….there is a problem….storage and convenience to choose the colors…..

Finally, I used several toilet paper rolls and color papers to create a markers station. I am really proud of myself recycling and re-purposing materials to create a personalized tool to facilitate easy crafting.

The details of this craft would be posted in The Blogger Connection site this week. The post is up in TBC site now and here is the link and you can click to bring you over there.

I love this idea which can utilize those toilet paper rolls and make it something that I can use. With all the markers, I really need to be more organized. This one is actually good for the kids to store their accessories too. This craft is totally extendable – you can add as many paper rolls as you need. Hope you enjoy this one!

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2 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 31 – Recycled Markers Station

  1. Jamie

    What a great idea – I’m tired of not being able to find the ones I need – this way I could keep the important ones where I need them!! Thanks Maggie!! Pinned & Tweeted!


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