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TBC Crafters 33 – Hanger Hairclips Holder

I have mentioned in the past that my daughter has a lot of hair accessories. Most of them are made by me and some are gifts from my friends or relatives. Many of the hairclips are made with flowers, resins or bows, they are not flat and should not put under pressure. It would damage the hairclips. I saw a picture in FB that shows someone bend some metal hangers into the shape of a cloud. It inspires me of this craft for this week. It is a repurpose project to turn an old rusting hanger into a beautiful hairclips holder. My daughter likes the colors of rainbow and I think that a cloud hanger matches the rainbow hairclips holder.

Materials required: –

A spare hanger

Some 1.5″ wide ribbons of the rainbow colors (I only have red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)”

Glue or double adhesive tape

A tin can (to help bending the hanger)

Embellishments (I used a ribbon of golden color and the napkin rings that I made before) for decoration

Step by step instructions: –

1) Use a tin can to help shaping the hanger and bend it into the shape of a cloud.

2) Cut the rainbow color ribbons (about 36″ long each, length of the ribbons depend on your preference.

3) Use glue or double-side adhesive tapes to “hang” the color ribbons on the bottom part of the hanger.

4) Decorate it with extra ribbon or embellishment.

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TBC Crafters 32 – Eggs Carton Flowers

I originally made another one (should say two, indeed I have made two other crafts before I made this one) for the TBC Crafters Hop this week. However, I am not 100% satisfied with the outcomes, not bad but just not feeling excited to post them. They are fun and adorable ones but just not feel like posting them, maybe too simple and not many people know the functions of them. Never mind, I saw an empty eggs carton box on top of the garbage bag and I suddenly remember a picture that I saw somewhere (not sure if it was on Facebook or Pinterest) before. I decided to work on this craft project although it was already 10pm at night, just have the passion to make it.

All the materials are available in my home. See what you would need to make a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Materials needed: –

An empty egg carton box

Pipe cleaners

A piece of ribbon (optional)


Step by Step Instructions: –

1) Clean the empty eggs carton box. Cut off the flip cover, you only need the bottom part of the box.

2) Cut out each of the cup of the bottom box. I used a dozen egg carton box, I cut out a dozen of cups which would be the flowers.

3) Use a pair of scissors to cut out the petals of a flower. It is easier than I expected, maybe because the box I used is a thin foam one.

4) Use a strip of pipe cleaner to poke a hole at the bottom of the cup and flip down a bit to form the stigma of a flower. And the rest of the pipe cleaner becomes the stem of the flower.

5) After completing all the cups, you can either tie all of them with a ribbon to make a bouquet or put them in a small vase as decoration.

I used the foam box. If it was a paper box, I could dye the flowers with some color ink.

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TBC Crafters 31 – Recycled Markers Station

I have started drawing again and making cards & scrapbooks recently. One of my fellow crafters informed me of a sale from a closing site, I bought so much scrapbook supplies. Since I have not drawn for years, I did not even have color pencils or markers. However, Copic Markers are so expensive. I bought some Prismacolor markers. And….there is a problem….storage and convenience to choose the colors…..

Finally, I used several toilet paper rolls and color papers to create a markers station. I am really proud of myself recycling and re-purposing materials to create a personalized tool to facilitate easy crafting.

The details of this craft would be posted in The Blogger Connection site this week. The post is up in TBC site now and here is the link and you can click to bring you over there.

I love this idea which can utilize those toilet paper rolls and make it something that I can use. With all the markers, I really need to be more organized. This one is actually good for the kids to store their accessories too. This craft is totally extendable – you can add as many paper rolls as you need. Hope you enjoy this one!

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TBC Crafters 30 – Paper Firework for July 4th

Today is July 4th. My daughter woke up and I hurried them to wash up and go downstairs for breakfast.

She said, “Oh yes, school time (Summer school).”

I said, “No, no school today. Holiday! Don’t you remember?”

She wondered, “What holiday?”

I told her, “Today is July 4th.”

She was so excited, “Oh yes, today is the country’s birthday. Hey brother, hurry up.”

I tried to make a craft related to July 4th yesterday night but finally felt like watching a movie (well, mom sometimes needs some ME time and relax) Today, I have the children at home and really don’t feel right to leave them out. I asked them to get involved and they both were so excited to work on a project (which is what we call craft at home) with me. This one is simple and fast if I do it by myself but have to spend at least double the time to explain and “help” them to finish it “nicely”. But, these mom-and-kids’ moment are priceless and will stay in the memories.


1 x A4 paper (I grabbed a white one and you can use whatever color or even pattern one)

A few color paper (I chose white, yellow, red and blue, matching the colors of our country flag)

A mini star papercraft punch

Some glue and a pair of scissors (plus my son’s hand)

Step by step instructions:

1) Roll the A4 paper from one corner diagonally towards to the other end and use some glue to stick it on to form a paper wand. (this cute little bandaged hand is belong to my daughter)

2) Cut vertical strips (about 1/4″ wide) from one side of the white paper to the other side without cut it off and it form the base of the firework. Reference to how to make the petals of paper flowers from the earlier post, click here to see the detailed instructions.

3) Glue the white paper on one side of the wand. Curve the paper strips with a pencil or simply a pair of scissors. Do not need to be very curly but prefer to form a few layers.

4) Use a star-shaped paper punch to cut out some stars in yellow, red and blue colors.

5) Stick one star on the tip of each firework paper strip with some glue. And the paper firework is done.

My son wanted to make it himself but finally made a mistake. Therefore, the firework does not look  so good as his sister’s. I think that it is pretty good, isn’t it?

My daughter inherits the sense of arts & crafts from me, she understood how to make the firework and worked on her own most of the the time. She wants her little bunny to hold the firework wand when I took a picture.

I try to make practical craft which can be used in daily life and my children would love it. It is the highest compliment that I can ever receive. Both kids played with the firework wands for half day. They brought them to the grannies’ home to show  off. And, they brought them to the bedroom and placed them next to their beds.

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