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TBC Crafters 29 – Recycled Headbands/Hairclips Holder

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I have a lot of toilet paper rolls at home, blame the manufacturers to have thinner rolls and end up my family uses up a roll of toilet paper fast. It particularly happens in a family with young kids who cannot know better how to save paper. My daughter has a lot of headbands and hair-clips which need a good tool to better organize them.


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TBC Crafters 28 – Feltie Duckie

Have you heard of the Giant Rubber Duck is heading to USA now? It will arrive Pittsburgh in September for the art-and-culture International Festival of Firsts. The ducky has just finished its legendary trip in Hong Kong for a month. The people in Hong Kong was crazy about it. Many of my friends in Hong Kong have “visited” the ducky at least once. I saw tons of photos of the ducky and my friends on Facebook and Whatsapp. Hope the first trip to USA would be a nice one for the Giant Ducky. Too bad that I am not in Pittsburgh.

My kids just like other kids in the world, played with rubber duckies in the bathtub when they were babies. They still keep some at home although they would not play in the tub any more. I told my son that I was going to make a ducky dolly for him, he was so excited. When he saw my draft of the ducky, he kept asking when I would start sewing. It took me almost 2 hours (because I was online reading news, commenting on forum and sewing at the same time) and I have twisted my lower back accidentally.

Materials needed:

Yellow felt sheet for the body, head and wings of the ducky

A little bit of orange/shocking pink felt for the beak

2 small black buttons

1 stripe of grosgrain ribbon

Threads, needles and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) First of all, draw the different parts of the ducky on paper, reserved about 1/4″ for sewing. Cut out each part and pin on a piece of yellow felt sheet. Cut out the felt and set aside.

2) Fold the body part in half and sew the back, then attach the body bottom and the body together. Reverse the felt and shape it into a pocket body.

3) Fill in with batting until it is “tough” enough to “stand”.

4) Work on the head, run a stitch around the circle head and pull the thread (reference to the post of yoyo necklace), form a half-circle pocket. Fill in some batting to make the head of the ducky.

5) Attach the head to the body with threads and needle.

6) Sew a stitch in the middle of the wing to make it more 3D. Attach the wings to both of the body with threads and needle. To make it more lively and the wings more flexible, just attach the front part of the wing to the body.

7) Cut out the beak – the lower beak is flatter and narrower than the upper beak. Sew the sides of the lower and upper beaks together and then attach the beak to the head of the ducky.

8) Sew the 2 buttons on the head to form the eyes of the ducky.

9) Final touch – tie a ribbon around the neck of the ducky. My son’s favorite color is green. Therefore, I used a green 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon and tie a bow around the neck.

10) Give it a name – my son named his ducky Mr. Quack Quack and my daughter used her tutu as the nest for the ducky to stay when they were out to Summer School. My children asked me to make a 2nd one as the wife of Mr. Quack Quack!

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TBC Crafters 27 – Handmade Paper Flower

Thursday again, hooray! Crafty day! I have a day off today to enjoy my time with my kids. Well, actually I have no childcare today. School ended last week and summer camp does not start until next week. Planned to bring the kids out for lunch and play in the park but they like to stay home. I made this craft yesterday night and showed it to the kids this morning. They want to learn making some themselves. This is definitely an easy one for kids to work on.


Color paper (I used those for origami)

Some pipe cleaners (short one is fine)

Double-side adhesive tapes


Step-by-step instructions:

1) Fold the origami paper into half, cut the paper from the folded side towards the other side but not cut it completely. These stripes would be the petals of the flower.

2) Use double side adhesive tape to stick the 2 sides of the paper together.

3) Stick another stripe of double side adhesive tape on one side of the origami paper.

4) Use the pipe cleaner as the stem of the flower and stick the tip of the pipe cleaner on the uncut side of the origami paper. Start to roll the paper and wrap the pipe cleaner.

5) Use a pencil of the tip of the scissors to roll each of the petal curly to make it a blossom flower.

My girl was so excited to see the flowers and she requested to learn making her own.

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