TBC Crafters 26 – Fabric YoYo Necklace

I worked late yesterday night to make this special necklace for my girl who graduates today from kindergarten. She is a girly girl (just like her mom and that is why this blog is named Girly Creation) and she loves all kinds of girly stuff such as flowers, ribbons, butterflies, etc. All the necklaces, hair accessories and craft projects I made before are mainly for her.

I used all kinds of “girly” materials to create this necklace for my girly’s graduation. She planned to wear the new white dress with laces at the bottom and I would like to make something that can coordinate with it. I pulled out my treasure box and I saw a whole bunch of stuff. There we go…..


Fabric (all kinds, choose whatever pattern or print you want or just solid ones)

A piece of knit lace string (about 40″ long)

Buttons of smaller size (yes, buttons again! Yes, it is me, the button queen, haha)

Needles & threads and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Use different circle templates (DVD, circle card stock, paper roll…) to cut out a few fabric circles (number depends on how long and how big the necklace you want to create). I cut out one big circle and 7 small ones.

2) Run a stitch along the edge of the wrong side of the fabric circle and pull the thread to gather the outer of the fabric into the center. Add a button in the middle to create a fabric yoyo flower.

 photo P1180186-1_zps5d77a213.jpg

3) Finish 6 of the small fabric circles. The 7th small one would be the center of the biggest fabric circle. Put the 7th small yoyo flower on top of the biggest yoyo flower and add a button to the middle to form a center yoyo flower.

4) Sew each of the yoyo flower on the lace. To firmly hold the flowers in place, add extra stitches in between flowers.

5) Tie a bow at the back and it can be worn as a necklace.

6) Change the pattern by having the lace bow tied at the side.

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7 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 26 – Fabric YoYo Necklace

  1. roseapowell

    Love how you incorporate buttons. I live lace too, you make sewing look easy… I’ve been dying to try working with fabric so… I see a yoyo flower in my future.

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      I don’t have a sewing machine yet (been looking and hunting for months but don’t know which one to pick with my budget) and I only tend to make something that I can sew. This one is not difficult but I admit that I used a bit of time as I am too picky trying to make it perfect. LOL

  2. Jamie

    Adorable!! How funny, I have my new yo-yo maker sitting on my desk waiting for me to test it out, now I have a great idea for it!!! Pinned & Tweeted!!


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