TBC Crafters 24 – Collar Bracelet with Buttons

Thursday craft for TBC Crafters Hop again! And, I would like to use my favorite buttons again! Yes, buttons! I have so many these lovely colorful buttons and really like to make use of them to make different adorable crafts. This bracelet is particularly a simple craft that makes use of recycled materials. I made this bracelet for myself but I am sure that my little boy and little girl would like to have one.


Toilet paper roll

Yarns of different colors (I use crochet yarns which are thin enough to run through the button holes)

Buttons of various colors and sizes

Adhesive tape and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Cut the toilet paper roll in half horizontally and then cut through each piece.

2) Measure the widest part of your hand and then tape the toilet paper roll to form the base of the bracelet. Do not make the bracelet too loose or too tight, it has to fit in to pull through your hand easily.

3) Tie a thread of yarn around the bracelet base and wrap the yarn around the base.

4) Add the buttons to the bracelet by pulling the thread of yarns through the button holes.

5) Keep wrapping the thread of yarns around the bracelet base until the base is completely covered by the yarns and it is ready to wear.

Do you have a favorite craft to share? Add a link to your blog post in the linky below after you’ve left a comment on this post and add this button to your blog post!


12 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 24 – Collar Bracelet with Buttons

  1. roseapowell

    This is adorable, I’ve been saving a packaging tape roll for a while with full intentions of making it into a bracelet, very creative! Thanks for the idea.


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