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TBC Crafters 26 – Fabric YoYo Necklace

I worked late yesterday night to make this special necklace for my girl who graduates today from kindergarten. She is a girly girl (just like her mom and that is why this blog is named Girly Creation) and she loves all kinds of girly stuff such as flowers, ribbons, butterflies, etc. All the necklaces, hair accessories and craft projects I made before are mainly for her.

I used all kinds of “girly” materials to create this necklace for my girly’s graduation. She planned to wear the new white dress with laces at the bottom and I would like to make something that can coordinate with it. I pulled out my treasure box and I saw a whole bunch of stuff. There we go…..


Fabric (all kinds, choose whatever pattern or print you want or just solid ones)

A piece of knit lace string (about 40″ long)

Buttons of smaller size (yes, buttons again! Yes, it is me, the button queen, haha)

Needles & threads and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Use different circle templates (DVD, circle card stock, paper roll…) to cut out a few fabric circles (number depends on how long and how big the necklace you want to create). I cut out one big circle and 7 small ones.

2) Run a stitch along the edge of the wrong side of the fabric circle and pull the thread to gather the outer of the fabric into the center. Add a button in the middle to create a fabric yoyo flower.

 photo P1180186-1_zps5d77a213.jpg

3) Finish 6 of the small fabric circles. The 7th small one would be the center of the biggest fabric circle. Put the 7th small yoyo flower on top of the biggest yoyo flower and add a button to the middle to form a center yoyo flower.

4) Sew each of the yoyo flower on the lace. To firmly hold the flowers in place, add extra stitches in between flowers.

5) Tie a bow at the back and it can be worn as a necklace.

6) Change the pattern by having the lace bow tied at the side.

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TBC Crafters 25 – Personalized Napkin Rings

Thursday again!!! Are you ready for another craft using a toilet paper roll? This week, I take the suggestion of my fellow TBC Crafter Dawn to use ribbon to wrap around a toilet paper roll to make a craft project.

Napkin rings are usually bought in a set but I would love to make personalized ones for guests or family. I used 2 sets of materials to create different looks and feels. The materials are available in my house. Have I told you that I’m a hauler of all kinds of beautiful stuff? And my kids now know that I have stored my beautiful stuff in the closet and they call it the beautiful treasure corner. Let see what I need from this beautiful treasure corner to create this week’s project.


1 x toilet paper roll (I can make 5-6 napkin rings out of it)

2-1/2 feet of 3/8″ grosgrain ribbons of different colors

4 feet of Chinese knotting thread cords

Charms / buttons

Double-side adhesive tapes

Step to Step Instructions

Napkin ring with Chinese knotting thread cord and charm

1) Cut out 1 ring from a toilet paper roll (about 3/4″ wide) using a pair of scissors.

2) Use double-side adhesive tape to fix 2 stripes of 3/8″ ribbons on the outer side of the ring.

3) Wrap around the toilet paper ring with Chinese knotting thread cord. Remember to pull the cord tight and straighten the half knots at the side of the ring.

4) Add a charm in the middle of the ring.

5) When the whole ring has been wrapped around totally by the Chinese knotting thread cord. Tie a knot and cut the 2 ends of the thread cord. Heat seal it with a lighter and hide the 2 ends underneath the inner part of the ring.

Napkin ring with ribbon and rhinestone button

1) Cut out 1 ring from a toilet paper roll (about 3/4″ wide) using a pair of scissors.

2) Put a strip of double-side adhesive tape onto the outer part of the ring. Wrap the ribbon around the ring with an angle for easy coverage of the ring.

3) Insert a rhinestone button into the ribbon and position it in the middle of the ring.

4) Use a piece of double-side adhesive tape to stick the end of the ribbon in the inner part of the napkin ring.

You can create any kind of personalized napkin ring by using different materials. I made the running shoe one for my son and the rhinestone one for my daughter. But, I would expect them playing with it as the clowns for their stuffed animals or dolls.

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TBC Crafters 24 – Collar Bracelet with Buttons

Thursday craft for TBC Crafters Hop again! And, I would like to use my favorite buttons again! Yes, buttons! I have so many these lovely colorful buttons and really like to make use of them to make different adorable crafts. This bracelet is particularly a simple craft that makes use of recycled materials. I made this bracelet for myself but I am sure that my little boy and little girl would like to have one.


Toilet paper roll

Yarns of different colors (I use crochet yarns which are thin enough to run through the button holes)

Buttons of various colors and sizes

Adhesive tape and scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Cut the toilet paper roll in half horizontally and then cut through each piece.

2) Measure the widest part of your hand and then tape the toilet paper roll to form the base of the bracelet. Do not make the bracelet too loose or too tight, it has to fit in to pull through your hand easily.

3) Tie a thread of yarn around the bracelet base and wrap the yarn around the base.

4) Add the buttons to the bracelet by pulling the thread of yarns through the button holes.

5) Keep wrapping the thread of yarns around the bracelet base until the base is completely covered by the yarns and it is ready to wear.

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TBC Crafters 23 – Kanzashi Flower

I have fallen in love with Kanzashi Flowers since I started to make my own hair accessories for my daughter. They are just purely beautiful and original. These were worn by Japanese geisha in the past. Japanese brides may also use Kanzashi flowers for their wedding accessories too. In Japan, these flowers are usually made with silk but it is extremely hard to handle. I have tried to make some with silky fabric in the past but the outcome was not presentable. This time, I tried again and it turns out acceptable. Of course, it can be improved with more practices.

My daughter is a typical girly girl. She likes flowers, butterflies, pink, purple, laces, etc. She was also fascinated by the Kanzashi flowers when I watched various videos on YouTube before. I know that she definitely will be happy to see her new hair piece.



8 pieces of 2″ x 2″ fabric square ( I use cotton with simple pattern)

A piece of felt circle


Scissors, needles and threads

Glue (optional)

Step by step instructions

1) Cut out 8 pieces of 2″ x 2″ squares from a piece of fabric scrap.


2) Fold the square in half diagonally and the right side of the fabric facing out.


3) Fold the 2 sides from the outside to the inside to meet the bottom corner.


4) Flip over the square and fold the 2 sides inwards. Fold the whole piece in half and the 2 corners wrapped inside to form a piece of petal.


5) Turn the petal over and use a bobby pin to hold it in shape.


6) Cut off the bottom part of the petal straight through.


7) Thread all petals with a needle, fan the petals out to get the best appearance before tie a knot.

P1170888-1 P1170891-1

8) Cut off the excessive thread.

9) Flip the flower and glue a felt circle at the back of the flower to hind the imperfect details. Or, use the needle and threads to sew the felt circle to the flower.


10) Add an embellishment in the middle of the flowers in the front.


11) Attach an elastic headband to the Kanzashi flower and it is ready to wear.

P1170898-1 P1170920-1

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