TBC Crafters 21 – Handmade Paper Rose

Rose is my favorite flower and my husband used to give me a bouquet of roses on our anniversary day every year. I would dry the bouquet and keep it for a year in a vase until I receive a new one. When I learned embroidery in middle school, the one subject I made the most is rose.

This week, I try to make a simple paper rose. However, it is not a perfect one. I believe that I can make it better with more practice. Also, I would test with more different paper stock and texture. This is a simple and easy-to-learn one but definitely one that need some skill to master.

 photo P1170683-1_zpscd2de98a.jpg


Paper, thinner one is better, I use light origami craft paper

Pipe cleaner, green color one works better

Craft glue

 photo P1170674-1_zpsf8c31c77.jpg

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Fold the craft paper into half and then another half to divide the paper evenly into 4 squares. Cut out 4 petals out from one pieces of paper. You may need 3 different sizes, 4 pieces of the smallest ones, 3 medium size and 3 larger size petals.

 photo P1170679-1_zpsfb1ccfbe.jpg

2) Use a bit of glue to stick one smallest petal and wrap it around on the pipe cleaner. Do the same with the other 3 smallest size petals, add one at a time and one on top on another.

 photo P1170680-1_zpscdc5e980.jpg

3) Follow by the 3 medium size and finally the 3 larger size petals. Set the rose aside and wait for the glue to dry.

4) Cut a small stripe of green paper or tape to wrap around the pipe cleaner. It is the sepal of the rose.

 photo P1170681-1_zps7358eda8.jpg

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