TBC Crafters 20 – Cork Stamp

TBC Crafters Hop Thursday again! Sorry for missing the last Thursday. I was sick after a short Spring Break trip with the kids. The idea of cork stamp was inspired when I read the new edition of Everyday with Rachel Ray. There are a few pages featuring a decor alphabet made with wine bottle corks. Then, I remember seeing using cork to make mini stamp somewhere (FB? Pinterest? Can’t remember…).

Both my hubby and I love wine. He likes red and I likes Riesling and Champagne. I used to collect the corks and dumped them into a glass bucket but my hubby get rid of them when we did a kitchen makeover. I told my hubby last night that I need him to save me all the corks again and I want to make a “big” decoration project. Maybe one day you can see me sharing it here. Will see….

 photo P1170547-1_zpsee84c616.jpg


Wine bottle corks, cleaned and dried

Paper, prefer cardstock but standard printing paper is fine

Punches, used for scrapbooking and card making

Craft glue or glue gun

Stamp pad

Step by step instructions:

1) Since the punches I used cannot work well with cardstock paper, I used standard printing paper. Use the punches to cut out many pieces of paper in the same patterns/shapes.

 photo P1170542-1_zpsbeb89e13.jpg

2) Use craft glue to stick the cut-out shapes together to form a thick piece of pattern/shape.

 photo P1170544-1_zpsf8e78e98.jpg

3) Stick the thick paper pattern/shape on one side of the wine bottle cork (prefer flatter and bigger side of the cork) with craft glue or glue gun.

 photo P1170546-1_zps52085b25.jpg

4) Apply the ink from the stamp pad and use this cork stamp to add personalized characters to your cards or scrapbook projects.

It is a nice idea for kids-and-parents craft and you can create many different stamps with punches or just simply cut out some shapes.

Do you have a Thrilling Thursday craft to add? Add a link to your blog post in the linky below after you’ve left a comment on this post and add this button to your blog post!”


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