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TBC Crafters 22 – DIY Ballet Shoes Bag

My daughter has just started learning dancing and she loves it. I bought her a pretty pink dancing shoes. She keeps it in the original box and brings it to the class every week. However, the paper box starts to rip and I don’t want to put the shoes right into my purse. I saw some girls keeping their shoes in a Ziploc bag. My girl told me to make her one to keep the shoes in. She thinks that her mom (me) is a super who-know-how woman and I can make everything.

I let her choose a piece of fabric from my stock (I have over 100 yards of fabric and I am utilize only limited quantity) and I pick a piece of lace (that one just amazingly matches with the fabric perfectly), a shabby flower and a button. Since I don’ t have a sewing machine yet  photo urfoto254.gif , I hand-sew the bag which took me almost 2 hours including preparation. It turned out not perfect but more than fine. My girl loves her new shoes bag and she is going to show off to her friends. My son is jealous and he wants one too ^o^

 photo P1170759-1_zps3f2da140.jpg


1 piece of fabric, wide enough to wrap around the shoes 5-6 times and long enough to cover the shoes. Mine is 11″ x 20″, you don’t want it too small or too tight that any part of the shoes would show out of the bag.

1 piece of lace, long enough to wrap around 3 edges of the bag, Mine measures 26″ long.

1 small piece of Chinese knotting bead thread cord (I used it before for wrapping gift in TBC Crafters 6.

1 button

1 fabric shabby flower

 photo P1170748-1_zpscc38f84f.jpg


1) Fold the fabric in half, pattern facing pattern and inset the lace in between. Start sewing the lace and fabric together using back stitches to make sure that it holds tight.

 photo P1170752-1_zps79ed7470.jpg

2) Sew all the way to half of the length plus 1/3 inch of the fabric. Flip the fabric out. The side of the fabric without lace attached should be shorter than the part with lace on already. Sew the rest of the fabric to the part with lace on to form a pocket. Add lace to the other side of the bag and leave the opening of the bag without lace when you sew the fabric together. The bag is 90% completed.

 photo P1170754-1_zpsde187a60.jpg

 photo P1170755-1_zps9498353c.jpg

3) Make the Chinese knotting beading thread cord a loop and sew it in the middle of pocket opening of the bag (the side with no lace on). Sew a button on the other side of the pocket opening.

 photo P1170756-1_zps06035309.jpg

4) Last touch is adding a shabby flower at one corner of the bag. You can add whatever embellishment you want. Ribbon, bling and button are all good options.

 photo P1170760-1_zpsfd81e40b.jpg

 photo P1170763-1_zpsaeabf557.jpg

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TBC Crafters 21 – Handmade Paper Rose

Rose is my favorite flower and my husband used to give me a bouquet of roses on our anniversary day every year. I would dry the bouquet and keep it for a year in a vase until I receive a new one. When I learned embroidery in middle school, the one subject I made the most is rose.

This week, I try to make a simple paper rose. However, it is not a perfect one. I believe that I can make it better with more practice. Also, I would test with more different paper stock and texture. This is a simple and easy-to-learn one but definitely one that need some skill to master.

 photo P1170683-1_zpscd2de98a.jpg


Paper, thinner one is better, I use light origami craft paper

Pipe cleaner, green color one works better

Craft glue

 photo P1170674-1_zpsf8c31c77.jpg

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Fold the craft paper into half and then another half to divide the paper evenly into 4 squares. Cut out 4 petals out from one pieces of paper. You may need 3 different sizes, 4 pieces of the smallest ones, 3 medium size and 3 larger size petals.

 photo P1170679-1_zpsfb1ccfbe.jpg

2) Use a bit of glue to stick one smallest petal and wrap it around on the pipe cleaner. Do the same with the other 3 smallest size petals, add one at a time and one on top on another.

 photo P1170680-1_zpscdc5e980.jpg

3) Follow by the 3 medium size and finally the 3 larger size petals. Set the rose aside and wait for the glue to dry.

4) Cut a small stripe of green paper or tape to wrap around the pipe cleaner. It is the sepal of the rose.

 photo P1170681-1_zps7358eda8.jpg

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TBC Crafters 20 – Cork Stamp

TBC Crafters Hop Thursday again! Sorry for missing the last Thursday. I was sick after a short Spring Break trip with the kids. The idea of cork stamp was inspired when I read the new edition of Everyday with Rachel Ray. There are a few pages featuring a decor alphabet made with wine bottle corks. Then, I remember seeing using cork to make mini stamp somewhere (FB? Pinterest? Can’t remember…).

Both my hubby and I love wine. He likes red and I likes Riesling and Champagne. I used to collect the corks and dumped them into a glass bucket but my hubby get rid of them when we did a kitchen makeover. I told my hubby last night that I need him to save me all the corks again and I want to make a “big” decoration project. Maybe one day you can see me sharing it here. Will see….

 photo P1170547-1_zpsee84c616.jpg


Wine bottle corks, cleaned and dried

Paper, prefer cardstock but standard printing paper is fine

Punches, used for scrapbooking and card making

Craft glue or glue gun

Stamp pad

Step by step instructions:

1) Since the punches I used cannot work well with cardstock paper, I used standard printing paper. Use the punches to cut out many pieces of paper in the same patterns/shapes.

 photo P1170542-1_zpsbeb89e13.jpg

2) Use craft glue to stick the cut-out shapes together to form a thick piece of pattern/shape.

 photo P1170544-1_zpsf8e78e98.jpg

3) Stick the thick paper pattern/shape on one side of the wine bottle cork (prefer flatter and bigger side of the cork) with craft glue or glue gun.

 photo P1170546-1_zps52085b25.jpg

4) Apply the ink from the stamp pad and use this cork stamp to add personalized characters to your cards or scrapbook projects.

It is a nice idea for kids-and-parents craft and you can create many different stamps with punches or just simply cut out some shapes.

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